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Location of John Street

John Street, WC1N

A modern glamorous workspace which arguably leads the design choices being made on 21st-century offices. It does this by utilising architectural patterns and designs in the 17th-century. The boutique appearance appeals to businesses looking for a contemporary office which reflects their culture and personality. The interiors included high ceilings and...
Location of 41 Old Street

41 Old Street, EC1V

This upscale City Office building provides the utmost in style as well as an impressive variety of business amenities. With beautiful private offices, comfortable lounges, a large roof terrace, spacious meeting rooms, high speed Internet, kitchen/dining areas and locker rooms with showers, this high-end executive base meets any brand's forward...
Location of 69 Old Street

69 Old Street, EC1V

This stylish modern office facility features beautiful parquet flooring while offering a wide range of executive features. Amenities include beautiful offices/lounges topped by a roof terrace and palm trees, spacious meeting rooms, kitchen/dining facilities, locker rooms with showers, air conditioning/heating service and high quality Internet access. Provide your brand with...
Location of Clerkenwell Road

Clerkenwell Road, EC1M

A massive office creative-focused office on Clerkenwell road. It spans over 17,500 sqft which is almost double the size of workspaces in London. Its vibrant design makes it appealing to those in the design and fashion industry. Every area tells a unique story as the architecture differs throughout. From futuristic...
Location of St John's Lane

St John's Lane, EC1

Our Business Centre can be found located on a peaceful street within an attractive and sought-after area in the City of London, the vibrant Farringdon, a hot pot of high-end restaurants, eclectic shops, and savvy businesses, all benefitting from the urban buzz of the inner city. We pride ourselves on...
Location of Long Lane

Long Lane, EC1

This Business Centre on Long Lane is located at the heart of the city of London, within 'the square mile' and just a few minutes' walk from St Paul's Cathedral, the historic Smithfield Market, the Bank of England and many other famous landmarks. Our offices provide a fresh and modern...
Location of Farringdon

Farringdon, EC1N

Hatton Garden in Farringdon places this office space in the heart of a bustling business, creative media and tech destination. Few locations in London provide the same unique combination of deep cultural heritage coupled with a forward thinking business spirit. With an unprecedented selection of eateries, entertainment and street food,...
Location of Farringdon Street

Farringdon Street, EC4A

Our Farringdon office just meets 10,000 sqft of various office spaces and has 6 floors. The interior design has that industrial boutique look as it's spaced out well and uses basic shape designs. This office presence has a relaxing tone making it very relaxing for you. The abundant natural light...
Location of Old Bailey

Old Bailey, EC4M

Promoting a world-class executive lifestyle, this high-end City Office center offers a wide-range of exclusive amenities. Take advantage of beautiful individual offices, fully equipped conference rooms, comfortable lounges, convenient locker rooms/showers, and high-speed Internet connectivity. Thrill guests and elevate your business performance to the next level at this superior corporate...
Location of Grays Inn Road

Grays Inn Road, WC1X

This is an office that represents modern urban culture yet implements a clean industrial design. Throughout the building are small to medium-sized suites. Ít has a relaxing mood and atmosphere, making it ideal for businesses who want a calmer working life. A manned reception is included, as well as meeting...
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City Office is also a global supplier of office space, if a virtual office doesn't suit your needs and would rather have a physical office perhaps a serviced office might be the best option for you, we have plenty of Office Space in Clerkenwell available to you.

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