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How it Works

The City Office Fax2Email service is ideal for those still in need of, or reliant upon the services of a fax machine, and with good reason.

There are still areas of business that rely on a fax machine in order to communicate efficiently; For instance, when placing or receiving orders, or entering into contractual obligations where signatures are required, the fax machine is still the most reliable method used in commercial business environments.

However, the trusted reliability of a fax machine can more often than not, be outweighed by the time it takes to sift through and sort out the genuine from the junk. Then there is the potentially problematic issue of having to stand by, or wait around in the office to receive an important fax, when you may need to be making your way across town to an important business meeting or have other things to attend to.

This is where City Office comes in. We have a solution, let our Fax2Email service take care of all of the above problems and issues for you. You are assigned a dedicated fax line number to which all of your fax communications can be sent, we then receive them on your behalf, including the junk, then we do the sifting and sorting for you, covert them into a pdf format and forward on the faxes that matters most, to your preferred email address.

Problem solved, no more junk, no more hanging around, you just receive what you need when you need it in a convenient pdf format, and because received faxes are saved before they are forwarded on, we can resend the fax should you need it, all we need to know is the date the fax was sent.


Captain of the ship, master of your own destiny. Starting and Building a business from scratch can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure, and once established, the day to day tasks involved in running a business can leave you with very little time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These are essential for maintaining your focus, energy, and the drive required to run a successful business.

However the rules have changed, no longer do you have to tie yourself to a long term office space lease or become a slave to your phone for fear of missing a call. No more wasting time queuing at the post office to pick up missed package deliveries, because in today's hyper-connected world, City Office can equip you with all the assets a modern office has to offer right at your fingertips, and the freedom to work where you want, how you want.

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