A Quick Breakdown Explaining How a Serviced or Virtual Office Can Save Huge on Office Costs

Posted on 06/08/2018

As serviced and virtual offices can have a huge impact on the cost of business, they are a good option for small business owners and startup companies. If you're thinking about a new business venture, here's how a virtual or serviced office can help you.

These Offices Are Fully Furnished

If you're choosing to invest in a serviced office, one of its many conveniences is that it already comes fully furnished. Instead of having to spend additional money on the office setup or necessary renovations to create a professional appearance, the desks and all of the assorted accessories will already be provided for your business. Since a virtual office can exist nearly anywhere and your employees will be working from their own home, there will be no need to provide the usual office space and all of the standard office furniture that goes along with business.

A Professional Appearance

One of the necessities of a growing business is maintaining a professional appearance, but it's also associated with a variety of expenses. With a serviced office, there's no reason to spend your funds on furniture or renovations since these are all taken care of. You won't even need to worry about the maintenance, as your landlords will be looking after it for you. Since the work in a virtual office is done on the employees’ own premises, there is no need for a professional appearance since everything can be professionally maintained by phone or email.

Office Leasing

For a serviced office, you can save on a short-term contract if you're not sure how much your business will grow and expand. With a virtual office, it can be the cheap way to start your business without having to pay for the cost of an actual office. You will still have people who can answer phones and do related tasks where necessary, but you do not have to pay for office space and all the overheads involved, which will help you save for the day when you need to make a large expenditure.

Staff Expenditures

While you may not require many full time staff members when you first start using a serviced office, being in a virtual office will require none at all. In a virtual office, you will not even need to pay for many of the general costs of a full-time employee. Instead of paying a wage, holiday pay, sick pay and other benefits, you will be paying a monthly fee for the services that are going to be provided. The added benefit of not having full-time workers is that you will not be attached to any long-term contracts, and this will give your growing business the flexibility it requires. Whether you're looking into a serviced or virtual office, both options are capable of saving you a great deal of money as a small business owner. While a virtual office can be a cheap measure for starting out, a serviced office can more cheaply provide you with the jump to the office that will better suit your growing business.
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