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A virtual office represents a professional, business, or organization. Cheap virtual office space might seem attractive at first, but are you exposing yourself to unnecessary risk? Lost business and time might actually end up costing you more. But quality virtual offices can enhance your operations significantly.

Want credibility that comes with a prestigious mailing address? Then choose from our large selection of virtual offices from City Office.

What A Virtual Office Gives You

At a minimum, a virtual office is a mailing address that functions as an official location for your business, profession, trade, or organisation. Much less expensive than renting physical office space, a virtual office allows you to receive mail and publish the address on any type of communication including websites, letterhead, and other print material.

Virtual offices are perfect for growing professional practices and startups that don't want to use a home address as their business location. A commercial address projects reliability and professionalism.

Address location makes a big difference, but some cheaper virtual office services don't give you many options or often offer a very poor level of service. Let's see how this can make or break your image.

Location, Location, Location

Some cheap virtual offices set up shop just about anywhere. Why? Because maybe they simply haven't done their homework or perhaps cannot afford to be in areas which offer good transport links. On the other hand, quality virtual office providers know the importance of an address in a well known commercial district.

When an address is recognized in a prestigious location, this can help establish legitimacy for any operation. These details speak to the mind of any potential client, customer, donor, or stakeholder.


Registered Office Addresses meet all government, tax, professional, or institutional requirements. The least expensive virtual address companies may overlook address registration.


Other Perks

Virtual offices can also provide:

  • Mail forwarding service
  • A live receptionist on site
  • Physical meeting rooms
  • Virtual receptionist / phone answering service

Each and every one of these services, however, can be places where cheap virtual offices cut costs and expose you to embarrassment and risk. Let's see why.

Mail Service

A good virtual office receives and stores your mail securely. One way some outfits reduce costs is to let mail pile up uncared for. What if no one is there to sign for one of your important letters or packages? Can you trust Royal Mail to ensure it's kept safe for you? Or are you leaving the door open to your post/packages being lost.

The best virtual offices receive, sign for, and also forward your mail. Some even allow for global shipping, and these arrangements are made on a reliable, scheduled basis. If you cut costs, you might end up waiting months to get your mail. This can mean lost business or time.

Live Administration On Site

This may be one of the most common areas where cheap virtual office services can let you down. Cheaper alternatives give you an address to use and not much more. At best they might have a poorly trained person at the door.

A quality virtual office is more than just an address; it's a service. This means live administration on-site during business hours. Not only is your mail received and stored properly, visitors can be received as well.

Imagine someone stops by unexpectedly at your office location you've published on our web site. But when they show up, nobody's home. No sign of life or no indication that your business even exists. You can be sure this kind of situation can damage your credibility.

The better virtual offices, however, have a fully trained receptionist on site. The receptionist knows your name and business. When an unannounced visitor shows up, they are politely told that you're out of the office. The receptionist then takes a message that you can respond to later.

Physical Meeting Rooms

What if a customer or client wants to meet at your place? Will you be able to accommodate them? Again, if all you have is an address, then you'll have to come up with an excuse fast. Or you can happily invite anyone to your office meeting room.


High quality virtual offices offer actual physical meeting rooms where you can receive guests and do business. This option is critical for some professionals, such as accountants or lawyers, that occasionally require face-to-face meetings. You can even offer your visitor refreshments.

Virtual Receptionist

virtual receptionist or phone answering service rounds out the virtual office by having a trained receptionist answer your phone calls. This frees you to attend to more important tasks while not missing any inbound calls. Even more advanced systems receive faxes and forward them to you by email.

Superior training and flexible hours are hallmarks of good service. A self-described “cheap” virtual office might have staff that is less than professional. They might not provide a 24 hour, 7 days a week phone coverage option.

Again, an untrained phone receptionist exposes you to the risk of poor client or customer relations. What if they understaff the Call Centre? What if they are emplying the wrong type of people because they cannot afford to hire the right type of person? Having your phone calls answered badly, or worse, not answered at all, can sink your business.


Look For Superior Value And Service

If you go with the cheapest virtual office, don't be surprised if you run into frustration or embarrassment due to poor service. And if one day the virtual office provider disappears and closes up shop, how long will it take until you find out?

It pays to find a reliable virtual office provider that understands your needs and works with you as a team. This translates into growth and success for any business, project or organisation.

Want to improve your brand image and operations? Then contact us today to learn more about virtual offices from City Office.
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