Virtual Office Spotlight: Check out These Virtual Offices in Exotic Locales

Posted on 05/02/2018

virtual office is a non-traditional office solution that provides a host of perks when compared to a standard office building offering Serviced Office Space. Virtual offices are a flexible solution that is easy on the budget, and they also save employees significant commuting time. The beauty of virtual offices is that they are cropping up all over the world. It's true! With a variety of virtual offices offering modern amenities in bustling cities and smaller towns all over the world, it’s easy to find an exotic location from which to work. Here are some of the coolest, most exotic locales you can find virtual offices today.

The Virtual Office in Macau’s AIA Tower Is Worth a Look

The virtual office in Macau is situated in a highly exotic locale, especially for Westerners eager to experience Asian culture. This office sits in the AIA Tower, which itself is located deep within Macau's Central Business District. This location is close in proximity to the Macau-Taipa Bridge and lies close to many governmental institutions and offices. The building is conveniently located near the International Airport and the Ferry Pier, making it great for commuters. The amenities available at this site are second to none. Telephony and IT systems, full furnishings and even videoconferencing facilities make this a world-class office space where you can run a world-class business.

The Virtual Office Mumbai Deserves a Closer Look

India is quite exotic, as is the location for this particular virtual office in Mumbai. It is located in Santacruz and is inside the Kalpaturu Synergy building. This highly modernized building is within a close distance to Bandra Kurla, which is a quickly developing financial and business district in the immediate area. The Grand Hyatt Santacruz is within walking distance. Some of the features of this great site include high-quality construction and design, four different meeting rooms, a dedicated videoconferencing room, hot desks, ergonomic Herman Miller chairs, IP telecom from Cisco itself, twenty-four hour access and a contemporary cafe.

The Virtual Office Dubai Is Attractive

Dubai is exotic, so it stands to reason that a non-traditional office in the city will be quite desirable. The virtual office in Dubai sits inside The Fairmont, which means it offers stunning and spectacular views of both the city and the Arabian Gulf. It also features smooth and efficient access to anywhere else in the city. The building itself has various restaurants, so employees will never run out of a great culinary selection during the working day. The in-house spa spans forty thousand square feet, and the two rooftop pools are great for relaxing after a stressful workday. There is also a a large selection of serviced office space in Dubai available if you grow beyond your virtual office needs.

These are just some of the many great virtual offices that are available in some of the most exotic locations in the world. These offices offer a great deal of flexibility, and they are popping up everywhere across the planet as companies realize their value and cost-saving efficiency. Offering all the necessary amenities to run a business at a cost affordable to start-ups, these serviced offices make it easy to operate any company from anywhere in the world. To learn more about virtual office options, or to set up your serviced office solution, Contact us today!

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