Three Great Reasons Why Virtual Offices Make a Better Impression

Posted on 21/10/2018

Small businesses and start-up businesses don't always require a large physical office. If your business is made up of only a few people, you can opt for a virtual office with City Office. Not only are virtual offices more environmentally friendly as employees don't need to commute to work every day, but they will also save you money on rent and utilities. Perhaps the greatest perk of a virtual office is that they make a better impression than if you had no office at all. Read on for three fantastic reasons for why your business should consider a virtual office space.

Three Great Reasons Why Virtual Offices Make a Better Impression

You'll Make a Great First Impression

If you're running a business with only a few employees or if you're a one-man-shop, answering all telephone calls yourself can give away that you're a small start-up company. With a virtual office, all telephone calls will be directed to a trained receptionist. Each virtual office has professional, multi-tasking receptionists who will ensure that no phone calls go unanswered. When you're provided with telephone answering services, no calls go to voice mail and all messages get to you. Not only does this provide you with more time to focus on your business, but it also makes the impression that you own a large, secure company.

You Can Choose a Prestigious Location

Having your business address the same as your home address does not look very professional, and could end up being a hindrance to your business' growth. With City Office, you can pick a virtual office location in any big city. City Office has offices all over the world, meaning you can choose a virtual office location that is both convenient and prestigious. If you work from home in a small town, you can choose a virtual office location that is in the business district of New York or San Francisco. The benefit to you is that you don't need to pay rent for this location all year round; you only pay rent for the days you use the space. A prestigious city center address gives the impression that your business is both professional and sophisticated.

Everything You Need for Client Meetings is Provided

Scheduling a client meeting in your nearest coffee shop doesn't always leave the best impression. However, renting out a virtual office in a big city in a trendy area is sure to leave a lasting impression with any client. In addition to a fantastic location, a virtual office also provides all the facilities and equipment you need, including meeting rooms, high-speed Internet, video conferencing services and administrative support. A sleek presentation on a big screen in a boardroom is far more likely to leave your clients with the impression that you're an experienced professional than if you met up for a chat in Starbucks. Just because you're part of a small or start-up business doesn't mean your business phone calls and mail should come to your home. A City Office virtual office space allows you to keep your personal life and work life separate, while at the same time leaving a lasting impression on your clients at a price you can afford.
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