Say Hello to Organization: How Company Mailing Works With a Virtual Office

Posted on 17/10/2018

Small businesses and start-up businesses are turning to virtual offices for their office needs. With the possibility of telecommuting or running a business on one's own, renting out a physical office space is no longer required. While business owners are beginning to accept the notion of the virtual office, there is still the question of mail. How can businesses receive their mail or packages if they are using a virtual office? In reality, getting your mail has never been easier. To understand how your business would receive their mail, read on for the three easy steps.

Say Hello to Organization: How Company Mailing Works With a Virtual Office

Choose a Registered Office Location

The first step is to register your company with a City Office location. City Office has a huge list of prestigious addresses to choose from. You can choose for your business to be located in the sophisticated business district of New York, or even in a trendy part of Sydney, Australia. There are no restrictions when it comes to choosing your location. Once you have selected an office location, then this is the address all your company's mail and packages will be sent to.

Put this Address on Your Business Stationery and Website

The next thing you have to do is put the address you've chosen on all your business stationery, as well as on your website and any promotional material. The address you work from will be kept completely private, allowing you to keep your work life and your personal life separate. Because the new office location is on all of your business' stationery as well as all marketing material, any mail will be sent to this location. The virtual office then collects the mail, or if necessary, signs for a package. All mail you receive by post will be collected on your behalf. This process is advantageous for you as a small or start-up business owner. If packages are being sent to your home address, you might not always be at home to sign and receive the package. The added problem of this is that anyone who looks for your business location will then know your home address. If you're already concerned with privacy and are instead considering a PO box as your business address, it is important to realize that no packages could be received. A signature is always required and a PO box doesn't allow for that.

Receive Forwarded Mail

Once the virtual office receives your mail, you can decide whether you'd like your mail forwarded to you or if you'd prefer to collect it in person. If your chosen location isn't easy for you to get to, you can provide a forwarding address and all mail will be sent to the address you provide City Office with. This address will remain confidential. Alternatively, you can choose to have all your mail held and pick it up from the office in person. Worrying about how you'll receive mail or packages shouldn't be a drawback for you if you're considering a virtual office. City Office provides mail collection and forwarding services. Not only will you experience all the benefits of using a virtual office, but you will also be able to keep your personal address separate from your business life.
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