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Phone Answering & Mailing Address Services At Low Cost

  • Live Phone Answer, Message Taking & Appointment Scheduling
  • Use The Phone Number On Business Cards Or Website
  • Avoid Hiring Your Own Staff
  • Select Your Hours Of Operation
  • Maintain A Fully Functional Address To Receive Correspondence
  • Gain Agency Credibility With A Commercial Business Location - Without Renting
  • Have Mail Received And Forwarded To You

Is your recruitment agency missing potential client calls? Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.
Communication Is Your Business
Every recruitment agency relies on good communication. But how do you tie the knot between companies and workers if you keep getting interrupted by phone calls? Is there an inexpensive solution?

With City Office Virtual Receptionist services you can have a live, fully trained receptionist answer all your incoming phone calls. Your Virtual Receptionist can provide information, take messages and record call back information. They can even schedule appointments for you.

If you’re a recruiter just getting started, a Virtual Receptionist can help you grow your client base. Meanwhile, you are free to dedicate time to making perfect workplace matches. All this at a cost much lower than hiring your own full-time receptionist.


Individual Recruiters Look Polished, Larger Firms Stay On Top
City Office assigns you an exclusive phone number that can go on your business cards,  website and brochures. Calls can be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or only during business hours. Additionally, Fax 2 Email receives your faxes then forwards them directly to your email.

For larger recruitment agencies, a Virtual Receptionist can help meet periods of high demand, such as during post-graduation hiring season.

A Virtual Receptionist allows you to offer your services in a friendly and professional manner. Don’t let contacts or job seekers get away because they don’t want to leave a message on your voicemail. Instead, let a Virtual Receptionist keep your work flowing productively.

Less Cost To You
The cost of maintaining a full time receptionist can be very expensive. Also, City Office Virtual Receptionist frees you of responsibilities such as employee insurance and dealing with people calling off sick.

City Office solutions are perfect for recruitment agencies just getting started or larger agencies with an established business. Your agency can grow steadily and keep up with demand while keeping costs low.

There are even more ways to improve your service with a Virtual Office package.
Virtual Office - Gain Recognition With A Prestigious Address
If you want to project a more professional image, or are looking to expand, you can benefit from a Virtual Office Business Address. This is a fully functioning, legal address that you can place on company letterhead, business cards, a website or any other material that promotes your recruitment agency.


This option allows you to penetrate markets where only the most well-known names in business are located. This is not a rental space, but an official business address that improves your credibility among companies and job seekers.

Our Virtual Office addresses are located in some of the most exclusive districts throughout the UK and internationally.

Your Mail Is Taken Care Of
Virtual Office mail services can receive and store your mail. Pick it up anytime or we can arrange delivery on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Don't worry, a receptionist can sign for registered letters and packages. And correspondence can be forwarded to any address worldwide.

There are no extra or hidden charges for this service; you only pay for the postage. Never miss an important letter or package again.

Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.

Fully Legal Address Registration
All Virtual Offices provide address registration which meets any tax, government or professional organization requirements.

Whether you want to be registered with a particular business group or plan to attract clients from a certain geographic area, address registration provides you with a fully functioning registered office address to satisfy all legal and business needs.

City Office Virtual Address Registration meets:

  • Public Registrar at Companies House requirements
  • HMRC (Inland Revenue) letter receiving
  • Signing of important documents
  • All package and letter reception
Click here to see a full list of our Virtual Office Registered Addresses available throughout the UK.
Meeting Rooms - For Live Interviews
Recruiters sometimes need to interview candidates personally. Or you might need to meet with a client. With a Virtual Office meeting room, you have access to a physical space to conduct business comfortably and privately. There are always refreshments on hand.


If a visitor shows up unexpectedly, no problem. A receptionist politely informs the visitor that you are out of the office, and that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible.
A Level Of Service That Fits Your Needs
You can choose from different Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Office services. Pay only for what you use for as long as you need it. There are no minimum terms and no hidden fees.

If your recruitment agency is suffering due to the lack of receptionist services or a non-commercial mailing address, then City Office’s Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Office have solutions for you.

Want to improve your recruitment agency service and image? Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.
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