The Guide to Setting up Your Desk for Success When Working from a Virtual Office

Posted on 15/03/2018

Virtual offices are great tools for improving morale and maintaining a flexible schedule. However, it’s important to take some basic steps to create a productive work environment when working from a virtual office. There are a variety of simple steps you can take to turn your virtual office into a den of productivity – one of which is simply taking the time to set up your desk to enable a productive workday. Here’s how you can configure your desk in a manner that will maximize your productivity when working from a virtual office.

The Basics of Desk Organization

A good approach for organizing a desk is to start with a clean slate. Remove non-permanent items and dust the surface. Next, make a list of objects used at the desk and prioritize their importance. Ask the question, "How often will I use this?" Store items based on the frequency at which they are used. Keep often-used items within arm's reach, and less commonly used items away in a drawer or on a shelf. Paper is perhaps the most popular culprit of clutter, so stay organized and file when possible. For temporary notes, consider a bulletin board. If useful, set up a physical inbox near the desk for incoming letters and reports. Try to apply similar ideas to your e-mail inbox. File, filter, and delete daily.

Establishing an Ergonomic Work Environment

Chronic injury from continual deskwork and computer use is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s technology-driven society. To avoid chronic conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, organize your work environment in an ergonomically friendly manner. The first place to start is a good chair. Sitting for hours on end is unhealthy, and stretching breaks can only do so much. Look for good lumbar support and proper spine alignment. High-quality chairs are easily adjustable in various dimensions. When shopping, be critical of overpriced models; price isn't necessarily a good indicator of chair quality. For computer setup, ensure that you can hold the mouse with your upper arms relaxed and close to your body. Wrists should be comfortably placed in a neutral position while using the mouse or typing. Monitors should be placed approximately at arm's length and eye-level. Lastly, don't forget good lighting. Keep things bright, and your eyes will thank you.

Hot-Desking Can Save Resources

Hot-desking is a rapidly growing system for office organization. Multiple employees utilize a single workstation (or a reduced number of them) according to a schedule. For instance, Employee A might use Desk 1 from 8 AM to 1 PM, with Employee B taking over Desk 1 for an afternoon shift. Compared to scenarios where each employee has their own desk, this approach can lead to significant cost reduction. The concept works well in fields where employees occupy fewer hours in the office, like project management or consulting. In addition to cutting costs, hot-desking leads to improved collaboration among employees. Hot desking requires significant workspace organization, as leaving items behind after you have finished using the desk is generally frowned upon. Thus, a hot desking arrangement will often force you to keep your workspace highly organized.

When working from a virtual office, desk organization is essential. It leads to better productivity and an improved work environment. Start by prioritizing the items you need for everyday work. Store them according to their importance. Then assess the ergonomics of the environment by setting up the monitor, mouse, and keyboard for maximum comfort. Make sure to get a quality chair. Lastly, consider hot-desking as an option for reducing costs. The key to successfully setting up and organizing your desk in a virtual office is to find an organizational system that works for you. For more information on setting up a virtual office, visit us today at

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