Understanding Why Working From Home Can Be a Productivity Destroyer

Posted on 29/04/2018

Freelance workers and entrepreneurs often get their start working out of a home office or garage. Many success stories start within the home, but rarely ever do they finish there. Working from home offers some great benefits, but also challenges many aspects of a person's productivity. Understanding these challenges will help paint a better picture for your business's future.

Don't Let Distractions Destroy Your Business

It is possible to set up a well-functioning office at home. The productivity destroyer for many is not the office space itself, but is more likely what lies behind the door. Housework, children, and pets are notorious distractions that divert attention and kill focus. If you find yourself tending to your house instead of to your business, you are not likely fulfilling your business goals. This is equally true for parents and pet owners who are constantly being side-tracked by other inhabitants of the home.

Rise to the Occasion and Shine Through the Day

Even though there is no commute while working from home, there are other time eaters that can affect the day. People who work from home are often slower to get going in the morning, and may not be operating at full capacity as a result. There is something to be said for getting up and out in the morning. Facing the world and looking your best is something that many successful professionals swear by. If you are working in sweatpants with bedhead, it is likely that you are not coming to the office with your A-game.

Define Your Space and Value Your Time

It is important for everyone to establish a work schedule and stick to it. People who work from home often have difficulties adhering to set schedules and because of this, productivity is compromised. The problem may not necessarily be the person working from home; it could be other people that know where they are. Friends and family mistakenly think that since someone is home, they are available during business hours. Defining availability (or lack thereof) is crucial if one wishes to be left to business.

When Your Home Office Fails the Business

Meeting clients and prospective investors is common practice in the business world. Local coffee shops and bistros may be appropriate for some meetings, but not for all. Make sure that if you are scheduling meetings in your home, the home fits the image you are looking to project. A less than impressive home meeting might hurt your odds of closing a deal. Spending valuable meeting preparation time cleaning and staging is likely not the best use of your time.

Working from home can be the right fit for some, but it’s not for everyone. Distractions can cut into productivity and, as a result, motivation can flounder. If you are looking to bring your business out of the home and into the world, a virtual office may be a fitting solution. Virtual offices can give businesses the image they are looking to obtain, for prices they can afford. For more information about this efficient business trend, visit YourCityOffice.com.

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