What is Virtual Office Space?

Posted on 07/11/2023

Ever since the growth of remote work, businesses both big and small have had to reassess their entire approach. One of the biggest discussion points revolves around the use of physical office space. After all, if employees are working from home, there’s simply less demand for physical premises.

Yet offices come with more benefits than simply being a hub for employees to complete their 9-to-5. There are other functions that are necessary for a business to operate successfully. What if you want to completely remove the physical office cost from your expenses but keep these functions?

Enter virtual offices.

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What is virtual office space?

So, how do virtual offices work? As the name suggests, these offices don’t exist in a physical sense. There is no physical address for you and your employees to visit regularly. With that off the table, you might be wondering what’s the point of going virtual. Well, this service supplies remote companies with a range of beneficial business functions, including telephone answering and mail handling services.

The latter touches on one of the biggest plus points of virtual office space. You are able to have your business based in a specific location, even if you don’t actually have a physical presence in said location.

Generally speaking, a virtual workspace supplies you with a nearly identical list of services compared to a traditional office space. There are just two main differences. One, you don’t use the physical office space. Two, costs are reduced significantly.

What do you get from a virtual office?

For a more comprehensive breakdown of the above information, here are the main services you get from a virtual office:

  • A business office address: A home address might be convenient, but it doesn’t create a strong first impression. An office address supplies professionalism and prestige. When compared to a home address, virtual offices in London make you stand out in the eyes of customers and clients.
  • Receptionist services: A virtual receptionist helps to keep your business organized. Furthermore, it makes your business appear less virtual to clients and colleagues, all without having to spend as much as a full-time receptionist would cost.
  • Phone answering and patching: A virtual office space will give your business a telephone number. Calls are also answered by trained receptionists, and these calls can also be patched over to a different number.
  • Mail handling: Is your business receiving mail? This handling service includes collecting, scanning, and forwarding your mail.
  • Meeting rooms: You might not have a dedicated office space. However, physical space is still available with meeting rooms. These can be valuable if you want to do the occasional in-person meetup with employees or for client meetings.

There are many positives gained from using virtual office space. If you have explored the possibility of using coworking spaces before, the advantages are much the same. The main differences are that virtual offices are usually more affordable and supply greater flexibility for you and your team members.

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