Virtual Offices Provide More Than Just Space

Posted on 09/09/2018

When you sign up for virtual office space from City Office you aren't just receiving a prestigious workplace that can be used when needed to impress clients and save you money on an office of your own. There are many additional services that are included in some of the packages offered, including telephone answering, registered business addresses and virtual personal assistants. Your business will always benefit from using a virtual office and not just in the ways you may have assumed.

A Professional Executive Assistant to Answer Your Calls

Telephone answering services are extremely important for a business of any size. If you can't afford a full time employee to answer your phone for you or you're constantly travelling and have a hard time taking calls then one of our professional executive assistants would be perfect. Trained to multitask, our executive assistants will answer your calls in your business name and then screen the calls for you, either taking a message or forwarding the call to your phone, wherever you happen to be. Don't worry about missing calls when you need to leave the city and don't be hassled with spam telemarketers, the executive assistants will save you time while giving your business the professional appearance it deserves.

Virtual Offices Provide More Than Just Space

Use a Registered Business Address for Complete Privacy

When you first incorporate you are required to officially register an address as your Registered Office Address. Because the Registered Office Address needs to be available to have mail delivered to and packages signed for it is not possible to use a PO Box as your official business address. The only alternative used to be using a home address, which tends to look unprofessional on company letterhead and business cards. With City Office you can use one of our many prestigious locations as your Registered Office Address, using it in a professional manner and having any mail or packages signed for and either held for you or forwarded to your home address. When you start to do business with a new company and they look up your address would you rather have them see your home or a beautiful downtown office building?

Virtual PAs Handle the Details So You Can Focus On the Big Picture

While our executive assistants are used for telephone answering services there is another option for those who require more support from a virtual employee with a broad skill set. Virtual personal assistants work remotely and are available to offer diary management, data entry, transcription, dictation and book keeping. Virtual PAs are carefully selected for their backgrounds and they all have experience working for multiple corporations and organizations. If needed, under certain circumstances, our virtual PAs are also willing to work on-site to better serve our clients. If you have just launched a business and can't afford a full time employee to handle personal assistant duties or you are expanding and need some extra help, then there is no better alternative than City Office's Virtual PAs.

There are plenty of benefits to using a virtual office and they aren't limited to simply having a place to hold a conference, with a virtual office you are given a wide variety of services that can be used to give businesses of any size the professionalism they couldn't afford on their own. If any of these services sound enticing then do not hesitate to contact us today.

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