The Green Option: Here's How Working From a Virtual Office Shrinks Your Carbon Footprint

Posted on 07/05/2018

The Earth is our home and, as such, everyone should be concerned with its health. Luckily, this message is becoming more and more adopted into the daily lives and decisions of many people and corporations, with environmentally-friendly decisions being made on the daily. As both consumers and businesses become more sustainable and socially responsible, we are seeing the utilization of virtual offices as the leading business structure in promoting an eco-friendly workspace. Here are some ways that working from a virtual office can shrink your carbon footprint.

Shrinking Pollution With Less Need for Commuting

When integrating the use of a virtual office and the services many virtual offices provide (like a telephone answering service) into your business plan, you are significantly lowering the need for a daily commute to the office. Without the need to be physically present at your virtual office to continue your business practices, you have the environmentally-friendly option to work more from home or from a local environment within walking distance. In the process, you are making a significant difference by lowering air pollution from your vehicle. Living within walking distance to your virtual office, or opting to take transit when you do visit the office, are other opportunities to make the most of the “green” aspect of your virtual office.

Green Office Space and Energy Savings

When you opt to work from a virtual office, you are virtually teaming up with a group of businesses-minded individuals who require less space to complete their work and are happy to do so on a flexible, shared time schedule. In doing so, you are helping to create a working environment where heating and energy savings are at a maximum. By supporting less space for more workers, virtual offices have significantly lower carbon footprints than a more traditional office. Ultimately, virtual office space promotes a greener working environment and much higher energy savings.

Being a Supporter of Eco-Friendly Jobs

As it turns out, your way of working may just be the way of the future. When you choose to structure your business around the use of a virtual office, you are also doing something incredibly powerful and beneficial to the health of our planet: supporting more eco-friendly, flexible, and remote job structures. You surely enjoy the benefits of having flexible work that you can complete at your own leisure from your own home, and you will certainly be happy to know that this is a win-win situation. Not only is this a productive way to grow your business, it is also a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of working, and remote jobs have been said to be the way of the future in business.

When it comes to creating a “green” life, both in business and in pleasure, we must all work together to make the needed positive impact on the health of our planet. Luckily, by joining a team of virtual office users, you are doing just that. Place your business in the hands and structure of a virtual office, and join a team of “green” enthusiasts and advocates in the process. For more information on our virtual offices, visit us at

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