Virtual Office, Real Benefits: Why You Need to Ditch the Home Office and Make the Switch

Posted on 09/06/2018

Working from home and running a business from a home office certainly has its benefits: you get the comfort of being at home while working, plus you get to cut out the daily commute. Have you considered, however, how working solely from a home office may be stunting the growth of your business? Here are just a handful of reasons why you need to ditch your home office and make the switch to a virtual office, once and for all. Virtual Office, Real Benefits: Why You Need to Ditch the Home Office and Make the Switch

Greater Focus and Organization

Though you've made it this far with your business while working from your home office, you've probably experienced a number of challenges with this set up, despite the success you've achieved. At home, it can be difficult to achieve a consistent focus and sense of organization that is integral for a business' long-term success. This may arguably be the most critical reason why you should consider the switch. Find a space where you can focus 100% of your time and energy on your business, and watch your business prosper as a result.

Reception Services: Professional First Impression

Regardless of how much devotion and time you give to your business, you simply can't be around to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And even of you were, you would probably end up losing a lot of business due to unprepared or sloppy telephone conversations with potential clients. So rid yourself of the potential losses, and switch to a virtual office where you'll have a professional reception service to take your calls for you.

A Prestigious Mailing Address

Along with the first impression your clients are bound to receive from their initial inbound call, it can also be very beneficial to have your business' mailing address be a place that is recognized and sought-after in the corporate world. With many virtual office spaces around the globe located in notable and prestigious business centers, you're sure to find the prestige you're looking for by making the switch from home to a virtual office. Plus, the added privacy of having your mail delivered to a business location rather than your home is another bonus.

Organized Team Meetings

Though you'll still have to manage your team on a remote basis, opting for a virtual office will ensure that you always have a professional and organized space to host your team meetings. And with the ability to host team meetings more often, you can significantly improve the team feel and overall success of your business.

Opportunities to Connect and Network

One significant downfall of working solely from a home office is the lack of opportunities to connect, socialize, and network with others. While you're distracted by your house pets, children, or significant other at home, you'll surely be engaged by other business professionals in a virtual office setting, with plenty of opportunities for beneficial networking and insightful conversations.

Ability to Relocate Seamlessly

Finally, if you're anticipating a move in your future, you can rest assured that, with virtual office locations around the globe, moving both your home and your business will be a seamless transition.

Regardless of what level you're looking to take your business to in the coming year, you're sure to benefit from a calculated decision to ditch your home office. Make your list of pros and cons, and be sure to include the above list along with your unique benefits of making the switch. For more information about our virtual office locations around the globe, click here.

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