Virtual Office Events: Quick Tips for Hosting a Startup Weekend or Other Event in Your Virtual Office

Posted on 05/11/2018

If you're about to move your business operations into a virtual office, you may be tempted to christen your new space with a startup weekend or some sort of social event. This is a great way to help your employees bond, meet some of the business owners and staff who work on your floor, and really make your new space feel like it's yours. It can also help to raise brand awareness in your immediate vicinity, and it offers a low-key environment in which to network. Here are a few easy tips for hosting a startup weekend or event in your new space.

Plan the Event for an Appropriate Time

You want your virtual office event to be a light-hearted and fun event for your staff, but scheduling it while your team is still moving into their new office will only create unnecessary stress. If planning an office-warming social, plan your event for about one week after your employees have moved into the new space. A week is enough time to move your equipment and files, get everyone settled, and get a sense of your new surroundings. It also gives you some time to get to know the other professionals and businesses in the building, whom you may wish to invite. For other events further into your tenancy, such as startup weekends, be sure to take major projects into consideration, and try to schedule events when you and your staff have some down time—like immediately after you've finished a major project.

Be Sure to Invite the People Who Matter

When sending out invitations for your startup weekend or event, it can be easy to forget someone. When organizing invitations, separate invitees into groups to keep things organized. For instance, you can separate your contacts into clients, employees, industry partners, and neighbouring organizations. Inviting important industry contacts to your startup weekend can demonstrate that your business is at the cutting edge of your field and help you to solidify business relationships. By keeping your invite list organized, you can get the word out and make your event a success.

Have a Program and a Plan

Although it's nice to simply spend time with other industry professionals, your startup weekend or event should be strategically planned to increase brand awareness. An event like this is a perfect opportunity to market your business. However, this is not the place for the hard sell. A startup weekend is about ideas that matter, and social events are primarily intended for recreation. Attempting a hard sell in such an environment will be ineffective. Instead, focus on fostering real connections with other professionals and business owners. Ask them about what they do, and try to listen more than you talk. If you've recently moved into a virtual office, a startup weekend or industry mixer could be a great way to get to know your neighbours, have a fun time, and foster connections with other business owners in your area. By planning ahead and staying organized, you can make your event a major success.
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