Virtual Office Basics: Five Essentials You'll Need to Bring With You

Posted on 11/05/2018

Virtual offices have changed the way many of us do business. This popular business trend appeals to small and growing businesses. From your virtual office you can establish your business with an upscale business address, without the expensive overhead cost. Business owners and staff can work remotely, while enjoying the benefits of a virtual office space. When working from a virtual office there are some basic tools you'll need to maximize your productivity and increase your business' efficiency.

Get the Power of Google Suite

When working from a virtual office, Google Apps is the best bet for any business. This powerful suite is easy to use and offers popular services including Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive, which offers ample storage space for all of your files and documents. Google Docs is another bonus of this program, and Google+ is a networking tool that is growing in popularity, and may end up providing your business with an added boost.

Keep on Track with Productivity Tracking Software

When managing a business remotely, it can be hard to track staff productivity. By using productivity tracking software you can easily monitor and review the performance and efficiency of your remote staff. Time clock software will allow you to clearly see staff attendance, and produce usable data regarding time at work. It's important to establish productivity standards and goals to keep remote staff motivated and informed of expectations. Regular evaluations will help keep all of your virtual office staff members working toward success. Computer monitoring software is also available, so managers can keep an eye on their remote workers' dealings online.

Connecting and Converting with Communication Services

Although Google does offer a lightweight messaging service, you'll want to explore more complex applications for your business. Skype is a free service that will enable you to connect instantly with staff and clients through video chat, messaging or voice conversation. Skype supports group chats and video conferencing, and easily connects you with your team online. Through SkypeCasts, a user can conduct voice conference calls with dozens of participants and easily moderate discussions.

Save Money and Speak Freely

It is possible to conduct telephone business through Skype or Yahoo! messenger for free with PC to PC calling. JAJAH however is a more reliable and cost effective choice if your business requires you to make long distance and international calls. JAJAH uses VoIP to place traditional calls to landline and mobile numbers. Using JAJAH for your long distance business calls will be less expensive than dealing with a telecom company. Many virtual offices can also provide your business with reception service. Reception service is a great way to manage incoming business calls. Visit to learn more about virtual services like telephone reception.

An Accessible Filing System for Your Virtual Office

When working remotely with a team, it's important to be able to easily share important documents and working files. An online storage program like Dropbox or provides business owners with the ability to easily share and store documents in an accessible location online. These programs allow users to download files directly from the interface to any computer or mobile device. With, users can easily organize their files with a series of categories and tags. This service will help you keep an organized filing system from your virtual office. Technology is changing the way we live our lives and do business. With virtual technology evolving quickly, it's becoming easier than ever to run a successful business remotely. Many virtual offices offer pay per use professional space for personal meetings when you need them, but most tasks can be accomplished remotely. With these five essential virtual business tools, your virtual office will be ready for business, and set for success.
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