Three Reasons Frankfurt Is an Excellent Choice for Your Next Virtual Office Location

Posted on 08/04/2018

There are many concerns when it comes to selecting the perfect location for your virtual office. Issues such as accessibility, location, and company branding drive business owners to take extra care where their virtual address is rooted. Where you exist is almost as important as how you do business, and your location will speak volumes about the prestige and professionalism you bring to your enterprise. Discover the advantages to your company's image when you select Frankfurt as your location for a virtual office.

Frankfurt Is a Leading Business Mecca

Frankfurt is quickly becoming a major European business and financial center of the continent with 5.52 million inhabitants and 365,000 companies, creating a workforce of nearly 2.9 million people. The environment is one of a city, flourishing under the influence of increased industry across the entire field, from small software developers to large industrial groups. As Frankfurt is also a multi-cultural mecca, the streets are filled with multilingual inhabitants who enjoy access to the largest airport in the European community. The main benefit of embedding your virtual office here is that you become part of a larger network of superb equals within the business community. Your address is prestigiously placed alongside the major players in the European market.

Explore the Wealth of Networking Possibilities

Because of the high volume of high quality companies in the city, networking is greatly encouraged. Meet with senior decision-makers and get some face-time with global industry leaders at one of the city's many networking events. Each year, for example, IMEX hosts a three-day tradeshow where specialists gather to discuss and celebrate business, innovation and networking. It features 3,500 global exhibitors, including those from tourist boards, international hotel companies, technology providers, etc. You can also expect to rub elbows and be personally connected to over 15,000 senior decision-makers and CEOs from around the world.

Frankfurt Location at a Fraction of the Cost

Because of the influx of companies, property, and office space, Frankfurt is understandably costly. But the benefits to locating your business there is that you will impress clients with your corporate headquarters. Our virtual office at Bockenheimer Landstrasse, for example, is situated directly in the heart of Frankfurt, on the 16th floor of a stunning property. It sports an amazing view, among other amenities. Tenants enjoy the use of fully furnished, modern office space that will give your company a significant worldwide presence. For a fraction of the cost of leasing a full-time space, your Frankfurt virtual office can provide the complete range of benefits. The spaces are adjacent to local attractions, shops and restaurants, and banks and hotels, as well as the beautiful Rothschild Park. In additions, you can be situated within minutes of Frankfurt's main train station so your visitors will always enjoy easy access to your headquarters. To look more closely at the Bockenheimer space or to learn more about the advantages of having a virtual office space in Frankfurt, visit us at and click on the link for our selection of worldwide regional services. For about 5% of the cost of a traditional long-term rental or lease, you can have an address in the heart of the prestigious Frankfurt business district to promote your company to its highest status.
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