Three Brand New Technologies That Will Help Your Virtual Office Run Smoothly

Posted on 24/05/2018

Virtual offices are becoming all the rage in the business community, which makes perfect sense. After all, they are cheaper to run and manage than a traditional office, and they're also more environmentally friendly than a traditional office. This makes these types of offices very desirable, not to mention highly practical and sensible. The good news is that more and more new technologies are popping up in the marketplace that will only help you run your virtual office with more ease than ever. Here are three brand new technologies to help you do just that.

Think About Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is basically networked enterprise storage characterized by data that isn't stored in the user's PC. Instead, the data sits in virtualized pools of storage that are typically hosted by 3rd parties. This is a really hot way of storing data these days if you are on the go a lot during your business day. Google and Microsoft are just two examples of big companies that provide free cloud storage, which is ideal for a person working out of a virtual office. The beauty of both Google's and Microsoft's services is that you can access them from your smartphone, thereby letting you work wherever you are.

Think About Using VoIP Telephony

VoIP is an acronym that stands for voice over IP. It's a technology that's been increasing in popularity over the last few years because it allows users the chance to appear professional to their clients, even if they're working out of a virtual office. If you use VoIP, you can connect to the main phone system (PBX) and create an extension that becomes as integrated to the office system as a main office desk's extension. Now, you can also save some money because your intra-office calls will be completely free! For remote workers, the main office's PBX can be replaced with a VoIP system; they can then be put on VoIP phones from their virtual offices.

Think About Incorporating Videoconferencing

The good thing about implementing VoIP is that videoconferencing is just a logical extension of it, but it's a much more sophisticated application that can be utilized. One of the most popular options for using videoconferencing is the VoIP softphone. What's a softphone? A softphone is a software-based telephone that can run on either a laptop or a PC. Even using a webcam or a video camera is a suitable option here. These are the three brand new technologies that will help your virtual office to run as smoothly as possible. In today's business world, you don't just want to be as efficient as you can possibly be, but you also want to have the latest technology to help you get things done. They are different methods that you can rely on in order to get the most out of your virtual office, too. Technology like cloud storage allows you to be more mobile, while both VoIP and videoconferencing provide that extra bit of professional appearance to your virtual office setup.
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