The Top Gadgets for the Virtual Office Entrepreneur

Posted on 17/06/2018

As many businesses switch over to remote working and virtual offices, many are also getting on the gadgets bandwagon. Instead of investing in the fax machines and giant printers of days of old, businesses and entrepreneurs are buying up small gadgets that get the job done better and take up far less space. With all of the gadgets now available, you can perform the functions of an entire office with just one laptop or even one on your smartphone. Here are some of the gadgets that will improve your virtual office the most.

Type Comfortably Anywhere With Wow-Keys

Do you ever get tired of trying to type long emails on the tiny touchscreen of your smartphone? If so, wow-keys is the solution you're looking for. This is a full-size keyboard that can be plugged into any mobile device so you don't have to rely on that pesky autocorrect anymore when you're writing emails on your iPhone.

Use Square For Handy Mobile Transactions

When you're doing business on the go, you may not always be near a cash or debit machine when you want to accept a payment. With Square, you can accept payments no matter where you are. Square is a handy little gadget that plugs into your iPhone or iPad and allows you to accept credit or debit card transactions straight through your mobile device. Once you download the Square app, you will receive the Square device for free in the mail. The only downside to this app is that it will charge fees for every mobile transaction you make.

Turn Your iPad Into a Scanner With iConvert

With iConvert and an iPad, you have no need for a big, bulky scanner. iConvert turns your iPad into a scanner in one simple attachment. It allows you to easily scan documents through a feeder, and it converts those documents into high-resolution images on your iPad. Once they're scanned, the images go straight to your photos folder so you can easily keep track of them and share them when needed.

24 Port USB Monster Hub

Everyone needs more USB ports, right? With this monster USB hub, you get 24 ports at once, all in a compact circle or power. So, you can connect your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, USB mug warmer, and 20 more devices to your computer all at once.

Keep Track Of Your Gadgets With Garmin GTU

One you have all of your fancy new gadgets, you'll want to get another gadget to keep track of all of your gadgets. The Garmin GTU is a small GPS unit that you can attach to anything. When your gadget leaves a pre-determined location, the GTU will notify you immediately via email or text. Your virtual office may not have as much space in it as a standard office does, but with all of these handy gadgets, you can do more with less space. From scanning to typing to receiving payments to protecting your belongings, these gadgets will help you take your virtual office to the next level.
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