The Inside Scoop on Generating Business From a Virtual Office

Posted on 25/09/2018

Getting business moving while using a virtual office will require a lot of trial and error, but it is important to try many options to ensure you aren't missing out on a major revenue-generating tactic. However, there are several sources that have traditionally been the best places for you to draw business when using a virtual office. Essentially, you want to target your prospects in their own domain. Fortunately, online advertising platforms have made it easy for you to select who is exposed to your marketing efforts. But before you go out posting ads, it is important that you establish yourself, so that people can get an idea about your credentials.

Set Up a Website to Make Yourself Professional

A website is the best way to get people familiar and comfortable with the services that you offer. You want to ensure that you have a call-to-action button near the top of your home page, so that those who are viewing your website are encouraged to contact you for services. This can greatly increase the amount of conversions you get from the potential clients that are viewing your website. The website also allows you to let the potential clients know who you are and what you have to offer. It is a chance to put your skills on display.

Advertise on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

The great thing about advertising on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn is that you are able to target those who you believe are most likely to become your next clients. Facebook ads allow you to specify the type of people who will see your ads by featuring an option in the ad-building program that can include prospects who "like" certain pages. The same type of specification is provided with Google AdWords, but with that medium, the ads are specified to those who type certain keywords into Google. LinkedIn has a more specific feature, as you can target people who work for specific businesses. Furthermore, those on LinkedIn are often on the site to do business, so this is a medium that can result in high conversions.

Create a Landing Page

While a website can do a lot to encourage potential clients to contact you, a landing page can be of even greater benefit and can result in a higher conversion rate. A landing page can be developed from a template with relative ease, and companies will create your landing page for you and charge you a rate when you reach a certain level of impressions. This means you are only paying if people actually view your landing page. While attracting business to your virtual office can be challenging and sometimes discouraging, with enough persistence you will likely be able to get clients by using these online methods. You will need to spend some money to advertise, but these options only require you to pay if people are viewing your website. That could result in a high return for the amount of money you are putting into your business.
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