The Best and Worst of Working From Home and Why a Virtual Office is Superior

Posted on 06/09/2018

Most people struggle with a job that requires them to work set hours, and report for approximately 40 hours per week. This can be an extremely limiting venture that can have you wondering if there is another answer. While Working from home is superior in many ways to working in the traditional 9-5 setting, a few setbacks should be noted before deciding to make the switch to a virtual office. Ultimately, though, the benefits of working from a virtual office are so much better than the traditional, more limiting work structure.

The Best: Making Your Own Hours

Depending on the specific type of work you are doing from home, you are typically able to make your own hours. If you had a problem getting to sleep the night before and you feel like sleeping in, you can. A virtual office will let you get the sleep you need to perform your best. But the flexibility goes beyond just being able to sleep in; you can also perform other tasks throughout the day that you normally wouldn't be able to. For instance, you can schedule your grocery trips for the mid-mornings and work a little bit later into the evening to compensate.

The Best: Taking Your Work on the Road With You

Working from a virtual office means you are not tied to a specific location. If you feel like making a trip to Central America, for example, you can do that with the drop of a hat in most cases. The beautiful thing about working from home in a virtual office is that you can make your home wherever you want (with Internet), and take your work with you. This can be particularly helpful in situation such as the cold winter months (in most people's cases). You can simply pack your bags and go somewhere tropical.

The Worst: Not Having Much Structure

Many people find working from home to be extremely challenging. They are often distracted and procrastinate instead of work. Too many distractions could make you unproductive, and that can be a major burden to your financial bottom line. If you are working from a home office for a full-time employer, it could result in poor performance and possibly job loss.

The Worst: Not Finding a Quiet Environment

Unless you live alone, chances are there will be many people distracting you from your work. If you have enough floor space in your home, it is best to have a designated area where people know not to disturb you. This can be very challenging if you have kids, because they may require your attention, whether you have time for them or not. However, setting up a designated space will help to ensure you aren't being bothered unless absolutely necessary. Working from home is becoming a growing trend, as technology is making it feasible for people in many lines of employment to work from their home base. However, if you lack the proper discipline, or just the type of living environment that is free from distractions, your productivity can suffer. But, in the end, the perks of working in a home office far exceed the risks. Working from home in your virtual office could be the perfect fit.
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