Ten Items You’ll Need For Your Virtual Office

Posted on 14/03/2018

In a difficult economy, start-up businesses are looking for ways to save money while still promoting and growing their operations. One fantastic way that businesses are cutting costs is by making the switch to a virtual office. Before you make the switch though, here are ten items you'll need for any virtual office to run smoothly. Ten Items You’ll Need For Your Virtual Office

Six Items Your Employees Will Need In Their Individual Virtual Offices

Each of your business' employees will be working remotely, and so it is necessary that each of your employees have these six items. First and foremost, everyone working from a virtual office needs a computer or laptop. A computer needs ample hardware space, lots of memory and a fast processor. In addition to this, a fast Internet connection is needed; when your only method of communication is email, you need to ensure you can access this quickly. Internet is also imperative for the third must-have item in an individual virtual office: a shared server. Sending large documents or presentations over email doesn't always make a lot of sense. Using a shared server, like Dropbox, will let everyone access the business' materials. If you don't want to download this, then consider using Google Docs instead. A webcam or camera is another important item each employee in your business will need. Sometimes things need to be communicated in person, and if that isn't possible due to conflicting schedules or time differences, then videoconferencing can work best. Skype is a fantastic free service. Of course, telephones are another item that are a necessity. When your employees can't be found in an office, you need a way to be able to contact them quickly. Emphasize to your employees the importance of being contactable. Finally, ensure that each employee has a comfortable desk and workspace in their own office. This might seem unnecessary, but a proper desk and an ergonomic chair could affect your employees' productivity.

Four Items You'll Need At the Office Mailing Address

Chances are, your business also has a brick and mortar office that is used as your mailing address. For example, with City Office it is possible to choose a mailing address anywhere in the world. In addition to having an office mailing address for your business that isn't simply your home address, you will need to make sure that this office has certain items. Boardrooms are one necessity: one advantage of having an office with City Office is that it helps start-up businesses look more established. Meeting with clients in a designated meeting space will maintain that image. Office supplies, like a photocopier, printer, scanner and fax machine are also needed, as these aren't supplies each employee will have at home. Filing cabinets are a good third necessity. The fourth necessity your business should consider is a phone answering service. This will ensure no calls are ever missed, and that your professional appearance is maintained. A virtual office can be a huge asset to a business, especially if they are in the start-up phase and looking to save on overhead costs. To get the most out of your virtual office, be sure that these ten items can be found at either the office mailing address or in each employee's own virtual office.
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