Six Great Spots for After-Work Drinks Around Our London Virtual Offices

Posted on 20/01/2018

After a long day at work, you and your colleagues may need a little something to unwind and relax. Luckily, with our many convenient London virtual offices, you can walk from the office and enjoy a cocktail, beer, or glass of wine at many notable London establishments.

St Pauls: Searcy's Champagne Bar

Walk From St Pauls: Searcy's Champagne Bar

Within five minutes walking distance from our St Pauls virtual office is Searcy's One New Change Champagne Bar, which is an elegant spot in one of London's up-and-coming shopping destinations. Cheapside is a trendy new area with many stylish venues for drinks and food. Searcy's Champagne Bar is the perfect place to toast to a job well done or to congratulate a co-worker, and with its many offerings of champagne cocktails, wines, and premium beers, you and your team are sure to be satisfied.

Mayfair's The Luggage Room

If you're looking for a great place to unwind after a long day's work, The Luggage Room is a trendy 1920's inspired cocktail bar that is reminiscent of everything from the Roaring Twenties. Served in the bar's signature glass, the Bentley Cup, enjoy the unique Luggage Cocktail, a concoction of vodka, herbs, Campari, and elderflower. Unwind and enjoy this unique spot, located less than a five-minute walk from our Mayfair virtual offices.

Get in The Loop in Mayfair

Also within stumbling distance from our Mayfair offices is The Loop, which is the perfect venue at which to host an evening with a little more spice. This three-level establishment offers a full bar with private lounge areas, as well as a great area to let loose and dance. Enjoy a drink as well as a full food menu, and get in the loop with a few dance moves. This venue also offers Happy Hour between 5 and 9 p.m., which may easily make it your favourite after work drinks venue.

The Fumoir off Regent Street

The Fumoir off Regent Street

Visit this classy establishment near our Regent Street virtual offices, and immerse yourself in the sophistication of the Thirties. This stylish venue offers a full bar that is dawned with the history of the 1930s, and the atmosphere is suitable for after work relaxation as well as the continuation of business talk. Enjoy one of their signature cocktails—each of which is inspired by the intriguing era—served in a Lalique glass.

Nearby York Street: The Temperance

The Temperance, located within walking distance from our York Street virtual offices, is a popular pub amongst the nearby offices, offering a place for lunch as well as an after work opportunity to mingle with the locals. The simple decor and relaxed atmosphere brings the perfect environment for relaxation, and outdoor seating is also available on a sunny day.

Colourful Cocktails at Chiquito in Greenwich Peninsula

If you are posted up at one of our Greenwich virtual offices, you can visit Chiquito for after work dinner as well as one of their many colourful cocktails. This Mexican grill is within walking distance from our Greenwich offices, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a long list of beverages that include mojitos, margaritas, cocktails, wine, and beer. Whichever London virtual office you are situated at, you will surely have a long list of after work drink venues to choose from. Take the opportunity to relax, and visit one of these close-to-work establishments that will keep you coming back. If you’re looking for more information about virtual office services or the amenities available nearby, don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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