We Answer the Most Common FAQs About Setting Up a Representative Office in Hong Kong

Posted on 12/04/2018

If you’re considering setting up a representative office in Hong Kong, you may be wondering how to begin the process or how your new office will benefit your business. In most cases, there are two main reasons why companies choose to use a Hong Kong virtual office. Typically, the company cares to do business for only a limited amount of time in the city, or the company wants to increase their prestige and visibility by adding another professional address to their company name. A Hong Kong virtual office is a great solution, as it allows your business to keep expenditures to a minimum. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that business owners have about setting up a Hong Kong virtual office.

What Are the Benefits of a Hong Kong Virtual Office?

Hong Kong is a well-known and respected business hub not just for Asia, but the whole world. It is considered the number one base city for companies that want to conduct business in Mainland China and around the region. Hong Kong has a world-class business infrastructure with an efficient and convenient local and regional system of transportation, world-class telecommunications and connectivity as well as a world-leading sea and air cargo system. As well, Hong Kong is one of the most tax-friendly economies in the world due to its policies like a profits tax cap, a low income tax and low property tax. In terms of networking opportunities, the city hosts scores of exhibitions and conferences that connect entrepreneurs, CEOs and major executives. Simply having an address in Hong Kong shows that your business means business. Another important feature, exclusive to Hong Kong (over Shanghai, for example), is that you may be able to register your company within the city in order to take advantage of various tax savings.

What Can I Expect To Pay For A Hong Kong Virtual Office?

It's important to note that office rent in Hong Kong and Shanghai is among the highest in the region. The cost to own or lease a space in this esteemed area can be staggering, making a serviced or virtual office a desirable method of establishing roots in the area. The cost of your Hong Kong virtual office will depend on several factors. The amount of space required, in addition to added services such as cleaning and virtual receptionist services, will factor into your bill. However, when you consider the added value of sound insulated meeting rooms, a completely furnished space, and full technical support and connectivity, the allure of a virtual office versus buying or leasing space is obvious.

How Do I Book A Hong Kong Virtual Office?

Often, booking directly through a vendor will help you get a better rate than a booking agency. However, it's always best to get as much information on the space before you book, such as viewing an actual floor plan of the office. What may appear to be a good rate may be influenced by the fact that your space is considerably limited. It's always best to work with a company that can address your specific requirements for space and your budget in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Having a foothold in the prominent Asian business market may be exactly what your small to mid-sized, established or start-up company needs to raise its profile. A virtual office is a great way to expand your business to an international market without breaking the bank. To get more in depth information on how to secure a booking or what benefits a virtual office in Hong Kong can provide, visit us at http://www.yourcityoffice.com today.
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