Managing Virtual Office Employees? A Quick Look at Toggl and Other Time-Tracking Apps

Posted on 27/04/2018

When it comes to running your business through a virtual office, the benefits are virtually endless. Not only are you able to benefit from the savings, you're also joining a group of "green" jobs and business models that are friendly to our earth. Managing a team of employees through a virtual office, however, means implementing certain tactics to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Here's a quick look at Toggl, an effective time-tracking app, and others like it that will help you accomplish success in this field.

Toggl: Time Tracking for iOS, Google Play, and PC

Toggl is a leading time tracking software that can be used on your desktop and on the web, as well as on your mobile device through the iOS and Google Play apps for iPhone and Android. Using the mobile apps, you have the power of time tracking software at your fingertips with the ability to log time and discover which projects you're spending most of your time on. You can do the same in group settings for your team of virtual office employees, and time tracking is free for groups of up to five people. Real time syncing between your PC and mobile phone makes the process efficient and easy, even when you're offline, and reports and time sheets make managing your team that much easier. Toggl's basic version is free, and the full feature version is $5 per month.

RescueTime: Curb Social Media Habits

If you're working alongside your virtual office employees to become more productive with your time, RescueTime is a time tracking app for your PC or mobile device that runs in the background and tracks the time you spend on various websites and applications. Available for both Apple and Android, the premium version - which is perfect for curbing that social media habit that seems to be eating up your days - costs $9 per month.

Goal Setting with My Minutes

Perfect for managing a team of virtual office employees on a remote basis - especially when you all have goal-setting in mind - My Minutes is an app available for both Android and Apple that is free and focused on setting and meeting goals. This app gives you free range to set your own goals - i.e. maximum time spent on email, or personal time goals such as working out - and keeps you in line when you're off-target. This app will instantly become your pal when it congratulates you for meeting goals. Managing your team of virtual office employees becomes much more streamlined when you're all working with the same software and the same goals in mind. Once you've bridged the physical gap involved in working remotely from a virtual office, you'll feel much more connected and on the same page with your employees, and much more like a team working together. For more information on all things related to virtual offices, including virtual office spaces available around the world, Contact us here.
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