How to Prevent Boredom When Working From a Virtual Office

Posted on 19/09/2018

While working in a virtual office can be of great benefit since you can avoid rush hour traffic and the need to dress up, it can also lead to a lack of enthusiasm on those days when you're not so busy. If you're experiencing lethargy in your virtual office, here are some tips for how to rev up your daily routine.

Work In the Great Outdoors

Much like any kind of routine, being in the same space all the time can get claustrophobic - and may automatically lead to boredom or a lack of excitement in approaching your job. In a virtual office you're not really chained to your desk, and with modern technology you have the opportunity to take your office almost anywhere you want to go. You could take your laptop outside to get a change of atmosphere or even try getting out to a coffee shop if nature alone doesn't stimulate you. Since Wi-Fi is available nowadays at most cafes, you can use the hubbub to stimulate your mind and renew your focus on the tasks at hand.

Socialize with the Virtual World

As a virtual worker, you probably work by yourself in your own home office, but you still have the option to reach out to those who may be experiencing the same virtual office malaise as you. You could combat this by starting an online group for virtual assistants and other virtual job types that will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with other people that are working in the same environment. Not only will this provide you with new friendships and new ways of dealing with the potential boredom, it will also make you feel like you're part of something even as you sit in your home office. As a good measure, you might want to try organizing morning chats with a group of virtual workers as this even has the potential of motivating you!

Take a (Physical) Break

As approaching your virtual employee status as a real job will enable you to be successful at it, you'll also want to make sure that you take the required breaks so that you don't get exhausted too early and suffer from burn out. With so many companies in on the trend of daily exercise, you might want to think about setting up your very own recreation area close to your office so that you can do stretches or exercises throughout the day. This will get the blood flowing and help you stay focused. As another great part of being a virtual employee, you can probably even go for a run in the middle of your day without having to get out of bed at 5 am to squeeze in a pre-work workout! While the isolation of working in a virtual or serviced office can sometimes be a challenge, there are things you can do to maintain your focus and stave off boredom. Whether you decide to join an online group or you just get out of the house for a while, you can defeat the boredom that often comes with a virtual office environment.
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