How Securing Virtual Office Space Can Give You a Much Needed Creativity Boost

Posted on 05/03/2018

Creativity is perhaps one of the most undervalued elements in a business' toolbox. It enables massive potential gains in strategy, marketing and product development. By using a virtual office, you can establish the framework you need to boost your personal creativity, and the collective ingenuity of your business network. Sounds too good to be true? Let's look at some of the ways that virtual offices harbor creative, productive businesses.

A Change of Place Helps Creativity Flourish

You may have heard that creativity benefits immensely from a socially 'safe' environment free of judgment, where experimentation - and even mistakes - are encouraged. All of this is true because creativity is an incredibly immersive process, where any distractions, including the worry of 'stepping out of line', are disruptive. A common technique for establishing this 'safe zone' is physically changing your place of work and your schedule whenever you can commit to this level of open, natural and flowing creativity. Constituting a special creative space is a great way of framing the correct context or 'headspace' for the kind of work you're trying to achieve. With a virtual office, a city of your choosing will literally become the defining location of your business - and your creativity.

Virtual Office Employees Will Help You Focus

Time is another major factor in achieving successful creative flow. Simply put, creativity at its best is, in and of itself, a 'multitasking' process where you're exploring, transforming, eliminating and documenting an endless series of imaginary scenarios. Nobody could manage all that while also dealing with physical tasks like answering phones, retrieving mail and responding to emails. These simple tasks can easily distract employees and prevent them from achieving their creative potential. Luckily, a virtual office will provide you with trained administrative assistants and personal assistants who represent your company with great class, proficiency and style when you're not there. This will let you stay focused on business objectives without the restrictive nagging and fear of mistakes that bog you down when 'home life' and work inevitably intertwine. Without interruption, your business process also becomes a creative one.

Block Out Time to Brainstorm Ideas with the Help of a Virtual Office

Using these services, it becomes genuinely possible to block out time for yourself to dedicate entirely to brainstorming new marketing campaigns, service bundles, products or corporate strategy. If you can, make it a routine; in time, your brain will come to trust these special appointments as havens for genuine creativity. Anyone who's ever tried to make this work from the physical or metaphorical 'side of their desk' knows that having true peace and quiet for a set duration, with the confidence that comes with leaving your other operations to competent professionals, is truly invaluable. This is one of the key reasons why achieving optimal creativity in a cramped and under-staffed traditional office or from the distraction-wrought war zone of a home office is next to impossible.

Creativity is - at its very essence - a transient, intangible ability, but it’s also one that is critical to the success of any business. While there's no secret ingredient or magical MacGuffin that will instantly gain you and your colleagues maximum creative potential, there's a lot you can do to foster a routine, environment and state of mind that enhances your everyday creative output. One key decision will help you fulfill all of these opportunities at once: working out of a virtual office space. For more information about how a virtual office can help your business become more creative and productive, or to find the office rental arrangement that’s right for you, visit us today at

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