How to Host a Tech Startup Event From One of Our Virtual Office Locations

Posted on 05/05/2018

Hosting your own tech startup event is a great way to increase your company's brand exposure while also engaging with potential employees, other employers and clients. The benefit of a virtual office space is that you can choose from a number of options that can make your event even more of a success. But what if you throw a party and nobody shows up? A good way to avoid this disaster is to begin with scheduling. Determine the optimal time for your company, your employees and managers to host such an event. Then discover what your community is up to. Schedule your event so that it doesn't conflict with any other major occasions you'll likely be competing against.

Pick the Ideal Location for Your Guests

One of the conveniences of working in a virtual office space is that you can select the precise location for your networking event. You can choose from a variety of spaces to capture the tone and atmosphere of your working and socializing brand personality. Depending on the size of your guest list, find a space that will feel comfortable. Take into consideration issues such as accessibility for people with mobility problems and find a space that can accommodate inclusively. As well, ensure that your location has ample parking and is connected to any major transit routes. This will ensure that guests have no problems in being able to attend.

Develop a List of Key Speakers and Keep Focused

When you invite guests to your event, make sure that your purpose is clear. There's no point in attracting a bunch of computer chip suppliers when what you really want to attract are digital marketers. The best way to find a focus for your event is to build it around some notable speakers. These experts can even be found within your own company. If you're developing a new product or service that can potentially change the landscape of the tech world, make your event about spreading the good news. One of things that startup companies look for is opportunities to connect to others in the industry to see how their technologies and ideas gel. If you're developing a new technology, a social event is a subtle way to kick-start your marketing plan.

Market Your Event Properly

There are a number of online sites and social forums that business professionals frequent. Both LinkedIn and Meetup have a thriving business community where you can broadcast your event to the right audience. Make certain to give yourself enough lead-time to ensure that your marketing efforts properly saturate your desired market. Once you've created the buzz around your event, don't stop. Consider making it a yearly affair to build continuity and community. As you develop a larger audience, networking occasions become more critical as they help to entrench you within your specialized industry.

Once you've decided on a theme and a tone for your event, check out our available virtual offices at We can help you pick the space that will fit the size of your event as well as your budget. We can also suggest other resources that will help you attract the right guests to your event.

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