Get It Right the First Time: Look for These Traits When Hiring Employees for a Virtual Workplace

Posted on 10/04/2018

If you're a small business owner who is getting ready to make the foray into a virtual office, hiring your first employee can be a big deal. Finding the right person for the job can make a huge difference in the future of your business. If you're not sure where to start in finding the candidate that will really work for you, here are some vital qualities to look for in your new hire.

A Capability to Manage Themself

A virtual employee will be working on their own a good percentage of the time, so it's of utmost importance that they can determine their own schedule and have the ability to understand what must be done immediately and what can wait. A hire that can figure these things out will not only be a good expenditure for you, they may even be able to find ways to minimize your workload.

Work Experience in a Professional Atmosphere

While a virtual employee may just be answering phones and sending emails without having to meet anyone face to face, they'll still make the first impression that many clients will get of your business. Work experience may not be necessary for a potential hire that acts the professional part, but a previous position in a corporate atmosphere will tell you they’re a little more seasoned and have knowledge of the type of work environment you’re trying to create.

Someone With an Independent Spirit

Because your virtual employee will be spending their working life out of their own private office, it will be very important that they are capable of working on their own and are able to make sound decisions without having to check in with you. An independent person will not only take responsibility for their workload, but also save you some time, since you won't have to answer their questions too frequently.

The Ability to Multi-Task

Since you'll likely be relying on your employee for a variety of tasks, it will be important that they can multitask and are able to complete all of their duties with efficiency and competence. Finding someone who can manage different types of works means you'll be able to count on them for a much broader swathe of duties, even if the going happens to get tough.

A Quality of Confidence

Another thing you'll want to see in an employee, particularly if you won't be working with them every day, is someone who won't be a deer in the headlights. This doesn’t necessarily require experience. Your virtual employee should give off confidence and seem like the type of person who can manage pressure well, as only a reliable employee will enable your business to truly flourish. Hiring your first employee is an important first step in developing your business. While it can be a difficult choice, looking for someone who is confident and possesses independent initiative will likely give you a candidate you can rely on. If you're curious about a virtual office and are interested in more information, you can visit us at to learn more.
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