Four Good Habits of Suitcase Entrepreneurs

Posted on 25/09/2018

As an entrepreneur, you have a great deal of freedom. While you still have to earn enough money to live on, new communication technology means you can take your work on the road with you. This line of work is perfect for those who love travelling, but in order to keep your business flourishing, you need to be disciplined. After all, if you aren't able to get the work done, you will find that your happy-go-lucky lifestyle is short-lived. Here are the four habits that successful suitcase entrepreneurs cultivate.

Ensure Your Destination Has Sufficient Internet Access

If you are a suitcase entrepreneur, you very likely conduct the majority of your business online. The Internet needs to become your constant companion, your best friend, and you wouldn't leave your pal at the airport. Before arriving at your destination, ensure that you will have a good Internet connection for you to conduct your business. You may be surprised at how good the Internet connection is at the vast majority of countries throughout the world, even in developing nations. When in doubt, ensure that there is at least a nearby hotel or library, for example, with a solid Internet connection.

Jailbreak Your Phone to Ensure You Are in Contact With Clients

North American phone companies charge a fortune to use their services internationally. Viewing a single webpage from your smartphone can cost up to five dollars in some cases. To ensure that you aren't spending a fortune to have an Internet connection, have your phone jail broken. This can cost anywhere from $25 to $100, depending on the phone company you are with - but it will be well worth it. After your phone is jail broken, you can get a SIM card from the country that you are staying in. Chances are, this won't cost very much. In Costa Rica, for example, a SIM card costs about $10 to place into your phone, and Internet costs about $5 every 10 days. This will allow you to have constant access to email and Internet, as long as there is service in your area.

Set a Specified Time to Work

After unpacking your suitcase, you will likely want to explore the area around you. The number of sights and sounds could be mesmerizing, and you'll want to spend a lot of time exploring. However, you still need to work. It is often best to designate a certain time for work activities. This is often dictated by the time zone you are in, compared to the time zone of people you are working with. However, if you have some flexibility, you could designate the nighttime, for example, to working. The closer you are to the equator, the earlier night falls (depending on the time of year). On the equator, night comes at about 6 p.m. every day of the year, so that could be a perfect time for you to start working while not being distracted by the sights and sounds.

Plan On Staying at a Particular Spot for More than at Least a Week

While you may be tempted to trot the globe at a rapid pace, it is often a good idea to get settled for at least a week so that you can be productive. Traveling can take a lot of time and energy, so it is important that you are settled for a reasonable amount of time so that you can get enough work done to fund your suitcase lifestyle. Being able to travel is one of the top goals of many people. If you have a virtual office, you won't be bogged down by the responsibility of having to report to a traditional corporate office for many hours of the day. While this lifestyle may seem like a dream for many people, it is becoming more of a reality, thanks to the growing ability of people to connect to the Internet from all over the world.
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