Five Ways That A Virtual Office Can Drastically Increase Your Productivity

Posted on 30/05/2018

More and more businesses are switching to virtual offices as a way to save on overhead costs. However, some businesses are apprehensive, fearing that a virtual office could harm their employees' productivity. The reality is that virtual offices actually increase productivity. Read on to discover how a virtual office can drastically increase productivity and help your business grow.

Working From Home Increases Employee Satisfaction

Recent studies have shown that working from a virtual office results in improved employee satisfaction, which in turn increases productivity. After all, happy employees are productive employees. Individuals working from a virtual office reported higher job satisfaction, and were 50 percent less likely to leave their job. In addition to this, working from a virtual office increases flexibility, improves one's work-life balance, and allows employees to work more independently, all of which contribute to improved satisfaction and productivity.

Employees Who Work From Home Take Fewer Sick Days

Having a virtual office is in your business' best interest as individuals working from one are less likely to take sick days. Not only are these employees less likely to get sick due to a more relaxing work environment, they also have the freedom to work at their own pace when they are feeling unwell. Fewer sick days means more employees working for your business.

Changing Work Location Stimulates Creativity

One of the reasons that virtual offices make employees so productive is that it is possible to work in different locations. In fact, a recent study found that 70 percent of individuals working from a virtual office worked in more than one location, with 49 percent working in 1 to 3 spots. 28 percent liked to work in coffee shops, while 29 percent liked to work in hotels, libraries or even restaurants. Changing location breaks routine and stimulates creativity, both of which will contribute to a business' productivity.

Employees Work More Efficiently

That same study found that employees simply work better from a virtual office. While close to 10 percent of those surveyed were more productive because they worked more hours, 90 percent were more productive simply because it was easier to start work on time, there was no long commute to worry about, and they took fewer breaks.

The Work Environment Is Less Distracting

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually fewer distractions working from a virtual office. While it does require discipline and self-starting, there are fewer social distractions when working virtually. There are no colleagues to gossip with for hours on end, which of course is beneficial for any business. Studies have shown that employees who work from a virtual office can double their productivity and are more satisfied with their jobs as well. However, there are obstacles to overcome for some; working from a virtual office isn't for everyone, and some struggle to deal with the isolation that can accompany it. For the most part though, a virtual office will help your business in a variety of ways. Not only can you save millions on overhead costs, but your employees will be more productive too.
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