Five Reasons Why a Virtual Office Is Better Than Running Your Business From Home

Posted on 20/05/2018

If you're self-employed, you most likely have a home office. Maybe it's a separate room in your basement. Maybe you have a covered patio with a view. Maybe your workspace is your kitchen table. However, a home office may not be meeting all of your needs, and may actually be hindering your ability to grow your business. Here are five reasons why you should consider a virtual office for your small business.

A Virtual Office Eliminates Distractions

Working from home comes with certain traps and problems that need to be addressed. If you're working in your living room, for instance, you may suddenly become tempted to turn on the TV and catch the latest episode of your favorite soap opera. At home distractions are everywhere, from that pesky lint you forgot to take out of the dryer to the kitchen full of delicious food. Procrastination is the freelancer's deathtrap, and it can eat away at your precious earnings. A virtual office gives you the professional environment you need to stay focused on work - for the whole workday.

You Will Have a Business Address

Though much of the information economy has moved online, certain business activities still require a physical address. Every business needs to publicize an address where clients can send payments and submit inquiries. If your business address is a residential address, it may give your clients the impression that you are not serious about your business or that you aren't successful or well-established enough to afford a real office. In business, a professional appearance is key to landing deals and turning a profit. A virtual office will give you a business address that will impress your clients and generate more business.

A Virtual Office Provides the Amenities of a Physical Office For a Low Price

Every business requires certain amenities in order to function - amenities such as fax machines, a dedicated phone line, and meeting rooms. In a physical office, these amenities must be purchased. Many business owners, though, simply don't have the budget for these things and opt instead to go without. A virtual office service will provide you with these necessary business amenities at a price that you can afford, since you split the rent with other business owners on your floor.

You Can Separate Your Home Life and Work Life

A major disadvantage of working from home is that it quickly blurs the line between your work and your personal life. Studies show that a good work-life balance is vital to psychological health, and being unable to separate your work environment from your home can have detrimental effects. You may experience guilt when out with friends, for instance, because you think you should be at home working. Or you may be toiling away when you get the sudden urge to turn on a movie. A virtual office will allow you to have set times for work and for play, which will keep your body and mind healthy.

A Virtual Office Helps You To Deal With Isolation

Working at home for hours on end can be a very isolating experience. If the only personal interaction you have during an 8-hour workday is online, this lack of face time with other people can leave you feeling drained and depressed. Humans evolved in groups and are social creatures by nature. In a virtual office, you will have neighbors whom you can invite out to lunch and building staff you will see every day. This will ultimately leave you feeling less isolated and happier at work; this will boost your productivity. Running a business always comes with certain challenges. Those challenges can be compounded when you don't have a dedicated space in which to do business. A virtual office is a great way to reap all the benefits of a physical office, while only paying for what you actually need. If you run a home-based business, making the switch to a virtual office could improve both your personal life and your career.
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