Five Amenities to Expect when You Rent a Virtual Office from Your City Office

Posted on 12/01/2018

As a small business owner, the idea of having a virtual office can seem like more than enough of a boon to your business to make you glow, but there's more to Your City Office virtual offices than meets the eye. If you're wondering what these virtual offices provide, here are five amenities you can look forward to that will change the way you do business. Five Amenities to Expect when You Rent a Virtual Office from Your City Office

A Registered Address and Mail Forwarding

Along with your virtual office, you will be given a registered business address in the virtual office building. This will be a professional address that will give your company a sense of stability and prestige. Any mail delivered to this address can then be forwarded to your home address, or any other address of your choosing.

A Professional Answering Service

One of the best services of a virtual office is the professional image that a manned reception desk provides. As trained receptionists will be able to address client concerns with courtesy and efficiency, you'll be able to provide the best service possible under your company's name. Since voice mail will be available after hours, there won't be a need to worry about any call going unnoticed.

Availability of Meeting and Conference Rooms

Expanding your client base is key to establishing a thriving business, and that entails having a dedicated and professional meeting space. Virtual office sites are equipped with meeting room facilities so you can work on professionally expanding your client base and putting your best foot forward. Most of the meeting rooms, which are available for scheduling upon request, offer wireless Internet, video conferencing and even coffee and tea service for the comfort of your guests. If you choose to use these meeting room services, you’ll find they can be very effective and convenient in entertaining some of your most important clients.

An Enviable Office Location

While we offer a great variety of virtual office locations all over the world, many of them are situated in business districts and popular areas of town that will make your business seem like it's at the heart of the action. With offices close to local transportation, restaurants and local entertainment, there's no shortage of access and places close-by where you can take your clients.

A Built-In Fax Machine

Along with the telephone service that will be provided with the rental of your virtual office, you'll also be able to receive faxes directly from your clients. When faxes are sent to your phone number, they will be converted into email format and forwarded to your email address without the issue of having to purchase a fax machine or worrying about important information getting lost! While a virtual office can establish the prestige of your small business without having to expend the huge costs that are usually associated with growth, there are also many other amenities that come along with the service. For more information about the virtual office spaces available in your area, or to learn about how a virtual office can benefit your business, visit us at
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