Feeling Chatty? Three Ways That Extroverts Can Survive Working From a Virtual Office

Posted on 21/05/2018

When it comes to establishing an organized and focused atmosphere in which you can maximize your business' potential, it's important to consider your personality type. If you consider yourself to be a chatty, extroverted person who loves to connect and converse with other people in both social and professional environments, you might be wondering how a virtual office can serve both you and your business. Here are three ways that you - the extroverted entrepreneur - can not only survive working from a virtual office, but thrive too.

Attend Regular Networking Events

As someone who loves to engage in conversations with other people for the purpose of building relationships and gaining valuable insight, you can surely imagine the opportunities that can be found through networking events. Whether they're social or professional in style, networking events can be the key for extrovert entrepreneurs who want to thrive in a virtual office setting. Alternatively, you can look at your area's events calendar and make attending conferences and guest speaker events a frequent occurrence. Pairing business networking meet ups with larger motivational events will surely bring you plenty of opportunities to ignite your inner conversationalist and connect with likeminded business professionals.

Reach out to Professionals in Your Office

It may seem like you won't have many opportunities to connect and network in your own office when you switch to a virtual office setting, but you might just discover that there's much more opportunity here than you first acknowledged. Look around your own virtual office when you're visiting, and introduce yourself to your neighboring entrepreneurs. You might be surprised at how quickly you can find yourself involved in an engaging and beneficial conversation, perhaps even over an out-of-office coffee or lunch.

Host Regular Team Meetings

With a virtual office, you may not have the opportunity to connect and converse with your business partners and employees on a daily basis, but you'll certainly have ample opportunity to host regular team meetings in your virtual office's conference room. In order to keep your chatty self intellectually stimulated and creatively driven on a consistent basis, be sure to make good use of the available meeting rooms. Make your team meetings regularly scheduled events, and perhaps play with different ideas and strategies to get the most out of your meetings. You can even opt to invite guest speakers and other professionals to your team meetings in order to keep your entire team excited and intellectually stimulated. Ultimately, the potential of maximizing your business is significantly affected by your ability to maximize your productivity as an entrepreneur. So be sure not to leave your personality type out of the equation when you decide where to conduct your business. Rest assured that a virtual office, when paired with extra-curricular activities for social interactions, is a suitable setting for your business and for you, the extroverted entrepreneur. For all things related to virtual offices, including our various locations and services, visit us at YourCityOffice.com.
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