Did You Know: Three Ways That Working From a Virtual Office Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Posted on 17/01/2018

Business people are wondering if it's even necessary to go to the office anymore. With technology as a person's main form of communication, it's making more and more sense for people to stay at home to get their work done. In addition to financial benefits, can Working from home actually reduce a person's carbon footprint? Read more to find out how the Earth could be benefiting from virtual offices! Did You Know: Three Ways That Working From a Virtual Office Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Overhead: It's Not Necessarily worth the Environmental Cost

An office space requires a ton of money and energy to sustain itself. Heating, water, electricity, lighting, and air conditioning are only a few of the numerous ways that business owners bind themselves to paying a fortune on monthly overhead. It's important for a business to weigh the potential benefits of working within the home. It's not all beneficial financially, but environmentally as well. The amount of energy it takes to maintain the energy in one room of a house is substantially less than the amount of energy it takes to run an entire building or large office space. It's worth thinking about.

Supplies and Furnishings: Only Use What's Needed

With a virtual office, a company can save substantially on office supplies and furniture. Think about the number of chairs, desks and computers that are purchased by big businesses on a daily basis. Then, think about the number of those things that are thrown into landfills. Carbon emissions are worth thinking about, and so is furniture waste. When working from home, often a dining room table can be converted into an office desk for a few hours each day. A kitchen doesn't need to turn into anything - it's already a great place to prepare food for lunch hour. The bathroom doesn't require more soap, toilet paper, or towels. Waste can be dramatically reduced when a business decides to be run from home.

Commuting: Save the Earth and the Bank Account

Purchasing gas is toxic to the bank account, as most people are aware, but what about the emissions that can be saved by not commuting to and from work every day? Gigantic financial savings can be seen by someone who goes from working outside the home to working within the home environment. Even though a business person who works from home may not be able to see the Earth's delight in less gas being used, the environmental benefits will indeed add up to be substantial. The Earth takes the brunt of what people choose to do, and business owners can make choices that actually help the planet, rather than hinder it. The financial and environmental overhead associated with keeping an office space in working order, the physical waste and carbon emissions, and the environmental damage due to commuting, are all reasons why working from home can be a better choice for many business people. Your bank account will see enormous savings, and the planet can be happier as well. The choice is in the hands of the business owner.
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