Can’t Afford Pricey San Francisco Bay Area Office Space? Take a Look at These Virtual Offices!

Posted on 11/11/2018

Not too many people in the country can afford pricy San Francisco Bay Area office space. It's no wonder, what with real estate prices and values being what they are in that corner of the country. A serviced office or a virtual office can be a wonderful solution to this problem of high real estate prices in the San Francisco Bay Area. With serviced offices, you get to save a lot of money since you have absolutely not costs associated with the physical space you'd be renting! Take a look at these virtual offices if you can't afford pricy San Francisco Bay Area office space.

Los Angeles, California

Sitting on West Fifth Street, this Los Angeles virtual office is a great and more affordable alternative to the pricier burden of a San Francisco Bay Area office space. Located on the 26th and 28th floors of a skyscraper going 73 floors in the air, this serviced office allows access to several conference rooms, a couple of copy rooms and even two cafes right on site! Of course, the entire site is completely secure, thanks to 24-hour site security. This office is inside of a highly prestigious building, which will only help to increase your profile in your clients' eyes.

Burbank, California

Another great alternative to the pricy office spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area, this site in Burbank is on the 5th story of a nice, 10-story building that was constructed in the sandstone style. Sitting in the San Fernando Valley, right on the corner of Buena Vista and West Olive, this serviced office site comes complete with a veritable treasure trove of great features and amenities. It has security and access round the clock, copy rooms, conference room facilities and a café that is ideal for networking. The great thing about this site is that it's also near a great selection of eateries that clients will absolutely love.

Woodland Hills, California

Finally, this serviced office in Woodland Hills is available at a much more reasonable price than anything in the super-pricy San Francisco Bay Area. Inside of this great glass and stone edifice, you'll discover a brilliant virtual office on the third floor of this great building. The great thing about this location is how convenient it is, being easily accessible from Freeway 101. It also features great amenities such as conference rooms galore, a café, copy rooms and a location that's in the heart of everything. These virtual offices are a great solution to issues arising from problems with being able to afford traditional offices space in the ultra-pricy San Francisco Bay Area. These offices are ideal for impressing clients, but also for saving precious money. With offices of this nature, you do not have to spend as much as you would when paying rent for a traditional and physical office space. What's more is that you still receive the amenities that your clients are expecting. All this adds up to a great deal for you.
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