Must Attend Business Networking Events Near Our Chicago Virtual Office in May 2018

Posted on 23/03/2018

As a business owner, you know how important networking is to the success and growth of your company. Whether it's networking with other professionals, possible clients, or future business partners, you just never know what kinds of connections you will make that will end up benefiting your business. Networking can be more difficult when you are working through a virtual office, but in Chicago there are still plenty of options available to you if this is how your business is currently running. Take a look at these must attend business networking events near our Chicago virtual offices.

Networking and Funding: BNC Venture Capital Group

On Tuesday, May 6, Business Network Chicago will put on a networking event that offers perhaps that best benefit for your business: the chance to get funding. The event takes place at 161 N Clark St # 4200 in Chicago, which is conveniently located within minutes of our Chicago virtual office locations, and offers an exciting and productive dynamic. Three entrepreneurs make a pitch to the panel of investors, including angel investors, early stage venture capitalists, and private equity firms, in hopes of raising funds. The evening begins at 5 PM, with half an hour of networking sessions, and continues with a presentation from each of the three entrepreneurs, each of which is followed up by a 10-minute question and answer session. Visit the event for pure networking and inspiration for your business, or present your business yourself for the chance to raise capital.

Network After Work: Chicago at Parliament

Network After Work is made up of 500,000 professionals who are like-minded and understand the power of networking. On Thursday, May 15 from 6 to 9 PM, join Network After Work Chicago for their Chicago at Parliament event, and get the opportunity to mingle with over 400 business professionals. The event will be held at 324 W Chicago Avenue, making it easily accessible to you from our virtual offices in Chicago after your day of work. Tickets are affordable as well, ranging from $12 if pre-booked up to $20 at the door. Cocktails and appetizers are served from 6 to 7 PM, so you can stay refreshed while you get yourself—and your business—in front of some of Chicago's leading business professionals.

The Digital World: ChiPMA

ChiPMA is a networking organization modeled after one of the best in Silicon Valley, and aims to connect professionals involved with digital products and services, particularly product managers, but is beneficial to many other related fields as well. These networking events are also beneficial to companies that are still in the design phases and especially those that are preparing to launch their products to the public. ChiPMA will be held on Thursday, May 8 at 321 N Clark Street in Chicago, just north of the Chicago River. Regardless of what field your business resides in, it can certainly benefit from becoming connected with other businesses. Allowing your business to be seen and noticed in an environment that is filled with powerful and well-connected professionals could make the difference this year for your business. Opt to attend one of these business networking events near our Chicago virtual office, because your business deserves the recognition. For more information on our Chicago virtual office locations, visit us at
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