Are Virtual Offices Starting to Blur the Lines between Home and the Workplace?

Posted on 26/12/2018

How is business changing because of virtual offices? Do people really need to go to work anymore, and what does it look like to work with virtual office services? This article discusses working from home and asks the question, "Are virtual offices blurring the lines between home and the workplace?" Let's find out! Are Virtual Offices Starting to Blur the Lines between Home and the Workplace?

Making the Choice: Home or Office?

There are a number of reasons why people go to a workplace: they feel like it's their only option; they need to get away from the house; and they thrive amongst other people in a traditional working environment. What about the people who choose to stay at home, and work from the comforts (or chaos) of their personal living spaces? Similar to the way some workers make the choice to work at the office, people who work from home choose to work from their houses for all their own reasons: they need a flexible schedule due to personal commitments; they want to be closer to their families; they want to have more time freedom. Most people, whether they act on their desires or not, have had the idea of working from home at one point in time or another.

Going to the Office Can Be Unnecessary

Oftentimes, work is done on the computer. The great thing about the computer is that it can literally travel anywhere the worker goes. How necessary is it to wake up early, get ready for work, exit the comforts of home, commute to the workplace, and spend the entire day inside an office building? Especially since more and more, people are turning to virtual offices for services like telephone answering and mail forwarding. Working from anywhere in the world is becoming easier than ever.

Commuting from the Bed to the Computer Chair

Commuting costs alone can make it financially worthwhile for someone to choose to work from home, although there are a number of reasons why working from home can be a cost-effective experience overall. Take for example the exclusive tax benefits to businesses that are run primarily from the home. It's worth looking into because a business owner can save a lot of money simply by ditching the office space, furniture, and overhead costs, and opting for a work-from-home experience instead. It's good to keep in mind that, even though working from home can be more comfortable for a lot of people, it takes some personal motivation to be someone who creates their own schedule and sticks to it. The perks of working from home can be had with a little determination and perseverance. Although working from an office can offer a possibly larger sense of camaraderie, working from home and benefiting from services offered through virtual office providers can be the best choice for a lot of small businesses, budget-minded business owners, and people who like the freedom of creating their own schedules. Working from home can be a really great thing, and sometimes it even means a person can wear their pajamas to work!
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