A Quick Look at Your City Office: Virtual Office Options in Chicago

Posted on 17/12/2018

In today's world, not all businesses require every aspect of a typical company office. But almost all small businesses and startups can benefit from using the services of a virtual office. A virtual office, unlike a traditional one, can be cost-effective in allowing a company to save on traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism through necessary communication services such as a remote receptionist, a telephone answering service, and virtual assistants. Space services can come in the form of a registered address or casual workspaces.

The Benefits of Virtual Communications Services

Telephone answering services can be very beneficial to the success of your company, allowing your customers and clients an open line of communication up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This cost-effective method of business communications allows your company to choose the hours they desire for a professional call center to be on the phone lines. There are many options for call centers, which are designed to handle a large volume of calls, but one based in the United States is highly recommended to avoid language barriers. For businesses that do not require 24-hour communication, voicemail is another outlet they can implement for off-hours times. City Office offers a virtual receptionist to handle calls for your business and ensure another phone call is never missed again!

Chicago Virtual Offices: A Great Alternative to the Traditional Office

Working from home has its definite benefits, including saving on the high cost of renting or purchasing office space, but its main downfall is its lack of professionalism and security. Putting a home address on a business card, for example, has its obvious problems. For many businesses, the solution to this problem has been obtaining a virtual office whereby they can use a prestigious office address on their company's public material. At City Office, we offer a registered business address as well as mail forwarding from our 15,000 square foot business center located on the Magnificent Mile of downtown Chicago. This prestigious high-rise office building is one of the best addresses in the city, and is sure to infuse your clients and customers with a sense of trust in your business.

Need a Place to Meet Clients or Customers? City Office Offers Meeting Rooms in Chicago

Meeting rooms have become an important asset to businesses running a virtual office. These are important for running company meetings amongst your team as well as providing team training, or conducting a meeting with a customer or potential client. We offer meeting rooms to our clients, which can be rented by the hour, or for a half or full day. Refreshments are offered at our meeting rooms, and most offer Wi-Fi and video conferencing capabilities. Stationery can be provided upon request. Although starting a virtual office can be a challenge at first, it is very common amongst the world's most modern companies and startups, and the benefits are endless. As long as you pick and choose the right virtual office components to facilitate your business, a virtual office is a very rewarding venture. To learn more about our Chicago virtual offices visit us at www.yourcityoffice.com today.
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