The Top Reasons That Fortune 500 Companies Are Allowing Their Employees to Work Remotely

Posted on 18/04/2018

It just might be the biggest trend in the business world today: Working from home. Between 2000 and 2010, 1.7 new telecommuting positions were created in the USA alone. What's more, this trend is being led not just by small businesses and startups, but also by Fortune 500 companies. Today, companies like Microsoft, IBM, and American Express are seeing more and more of their work done by people who are not sitting in the office at their desks every day. So why are these major global corporations changing the way they do business? Below are some of the top reasons.

Increased Productivity Levels

Recent studies have found that employees who work from home or a remote location are able to increase their productivity levels by up to 40 percent. These studies have also found that both employees and managers feel more satisfied with productivity rates that come from telecommuting than productivity rates in the office. For a business that is focused on results, this is a no-brainer. Employees get more done at home than at the office, so why not let them telecommute once in a while?

Fewer Employee Absences

One of the reasons that telecommuting increases productivity is that it also reduces the rate of health-related absences. Giving employees the option to work from home means that they don't have to worry about passing on illnesses to co-workers when they get sick. Furthermore, many business owners have found that often people who call in to work sick are not really struggling with illness; rather, they are dealing with a whole host of other problems, including family issues, personal needs, and stress. The option of remote work allows employees to deal with these types of problems without having to miss a full day of work.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

On top of increased levels of productivity, studies have also shown that employees who work remotely are more satisfied with their work life. In fact, many employees actually value the option to work from home more than they value an increase in pay. From avoiding the stresses and expenses of the daily commute to having more time to spend with one's family, the benefits of telecommuting for employees are numerous. For managers and business owners, this increased rate of satisfaction translates into better relationships with employees, as well as lower rates of employee turnover, which means that you save on hiring and training costs.

Lower Environmental Impact

An added benefit of remote work is that it is good for your business' carbon footprint. Another recent study has found that employees only commuting to work half-time could reduce carbon emissions by as much as 51 million metric tons a year. This makes remote work a good model for business that are looking to appeal to eco-conscious investors, as well as for people who simply want to run their own businesses in a way that's more environmentally friendly. The main reason that so many Fortune 500 companies are allowing their companies to telecommute is because telecommuting works. More and more studies are identifying the benefits of this emerging business trend. With all of the facts and statistics pointing towards its success, it looks like this is a trend that's here to stay.
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