Need Funding? A Brief Guide to Kickstarter

Posted on 06/03/2018

Completing a creative project can work wonders for a business, especially a business that is in its start-up phase and is still looking to garner support. However, making a creative project is an expensive endeavor - be it a video marketing campaign, a song, or a game. If your business is interested in undertaking a creative project and you know that you have some great ideas, Kickstarter can help you move your project from planning to completion. Need Funding? A Brief Guide to Kickstarter

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter was launched in April 2009, and since it was launched, it has funded more than 35,000 creative projects. In the last four years, more than $450 million has been pledged over this website. Kickstarter is a fundraising platform that helps businesses with their creative projects. Some of the creative projects that Kickstarter will help fund include: videos and films, music, art and music. In a nutshell, Kickstarter will help fulfill any ambitious or innovative project that is also creative. This fundraising method is ideal for start-up businesses looking for help with creative projects, or just for creative individuals who don't have the money to fulfill their dream on their own.

How Does Funding and Backing Work?

All fundraising and financial backing is managed through the Kickstarter website. Individuals who decide to help fund a creative project might be people who know the creators directly and want to help, or they might just be fans interested in the idea and who want to see their project come to life. A great way to increase fundraising is to spread the word over Twitter, Facebook, and through personal blogs. Sometimes, using the press can help as well. A person who wants to help financially can help out as much or as little as they see fit. Funding with Kickstarter is "all or nothing." While most projects that receive full funding will see completion, the Kickstarter company will not punish a project that does not receive adequate funding. There is less risk than with competing companies, and no one is charged if the creative project fails. Only successful projects are charged the 5 percent fee.

Who Can Use Kickstarter?

Anyone who wants to use the site and who has a creative idea can use - and benefit from - Kickstarter. However, there are eligibility requirements to be met. Only USA and UK residents can use the site. An American, for example, must be older than 18, must be a US resident, must hold US ID and must have a major credit card. Kickstarter is a great way for creators to get a creative project funded, and it is relatively low-risk for the individuals doing the backing as well. Creators should be aware that all backing is public, and so any information they share is visible to the general public. Individuals who are providing financial backing need to realize that they will not receive refunds if a project fails. That being said, Kickstarter is a great way to complete a creative and innovative project, or to help someone else's creative dream come true.
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