Five Tips to Help You Defeat Excuses and Get That Lunchtime Workout In

Posted on 17/04/2018

Virtual offices offer compelling services such as call answering, mail forwarding and fax-to-email. Despite the allure of these modern conveniences, which cost a fraction of what it costs to run a traditional office, it still makes sense for workers to get up from their office chairs from time to time for a bit of exercise. Here are five tips to help employees defeat excuses and actually get a productive workout during the lunchtime period.

Put on Some Walking Shoes

Walking is a great way to sneak in some invigorating, calorie-reducing exercise during the lunchtime period. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to make walking a normal part of the workweek routine. For instance, people who like to eat out can walk to restaurants or food trucks that are far enough away to get in a brisk workout. The great thing about walking is that workers can choose the duration and the pace to fit their abilities and their needs.

High-Intensity Interval Workout

With the right high-intensity interval exercise regimen, workers can get a good workout in a relatively short period of time. High-intensity interval workouts include alternating periods of brief intense anaerobic activity with recovery periods. This sort of workout will help people to burn fat and, since it won't take a whole lot of time, people will still be able to enjoy some of their lunch break doing other things. For best results, workers should check out the fitness centers near their virtual offices to determine which ones offer high-intensity interval training classes.

Supersets are Indeed Super

By doing supersets, workers can increase their calorie-burning potential over a short period of time. The supersets workout is accomplished by combining multiple exercises, done alternatively with zero breaks in between, to target either specific muscle groups or different muscle groups. The reason for doing supersets is that, due to the fact that there are no breaks in between, you can burn a lot of calories over a shorter period of time. So a short lunch break need not be an excuse for being inactive.

Cardio via Jump Rope

There's nothing quite like jumping rope as part of a fast-paced cardio routine to get the heart rate up. Skipping rope for even a short period of time will break the routine of sitting in a cubicle and will help to burn off a few calories. All people need is a jump rope and a bit of space to get going.

Bound Up (or Down) the Stairs

People working in virtual office spaces with staircases can get a quick workout by walking or running up or down the staircases. That will definitely get the heart pumping and the body reinvigorated. To make it even more fun people can do the stairs workout with colleagues during their lunchtime period. So put on some running shoes, bring some water and head for the stairs! While it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to get in some exercise, there are some easy ways to get a good lunchtime workout. Trying any or all of these five tips will help you and your coworkers achieve your fitness goals. For more information about our virtual offices, visit us today at
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