Did You Know? Corporations Are Downsizing Company Office Space and Employees Are Moving to Virtual

Posted on 07/11/2018

Even when a company is growing, its office space footprint may be becoming smaller. The reason for this is that many corporations and other organizations are beginning to see the value in moving their traditional businesses from brick and mortar to virtual. This is true of companies who decide to go entirely online and of companies that maintain a smaller office space and then hire people to work from their homes, which could be far away from the office. Can this transition be a positive one?

Moving Away From the Traditional and Moving Toward the Virtual

A traditional working environment, such as an office building or storefront, costs a lot of money, both for monthly rent and utilities and for upkeep and expansion. Business owners pay for everything- from the cost of lighting to the expense of parking spaces for employees. If there was a way to get away from all of those expenses while providing a more flexible way for employees to work, many employers would take the opportunity – and this is exactly what is happening. Virtual offices and Working from home has become so big, in fact, that companies are hiring individuals to work for their companies entirely from their homes. It does not seem to matter, now, where in the world a person resides. If they have the skills, knowledge, and training to do their job effectively in an office space, then they most likely can do that same job from home.

Virtual Businesses and Lifestyle Flexibility

People are becoming more and more aware over time that they want balance in their lives and that working non-stop does not always create that life balance. When a person works from home, they can find it to be challenging not to "take work home" because work is at home. With some practice, life balance can be had, though, and it can be had more easily with a job that is based from the home than a job that is elsewhere. For people that want to be able to attend their children's sports events or school functions, for example, a work-from-home position can allow for that flexibility.

Where In The World Can People Go Virtual?

The most excellent part of a virtual office working environment is that a person has the chance to work from wherever in the world that they are located. Most often, the only caveat is that the worker needs to be able to frequently access an internet connection and a telephone signal. Another benefit to working virtually is that virtual offices are located all over the world, and often in destination spots. So, when a person wishes to have a family vacation, for example, a vacation can be had somewhere close to a virtual office and life balance can be experienced. Working virtually is becoming a worldwide trend that is not slowing down. For a corporation that wants life balance for their employees and who wants to lower their traditional expenses, going virtual can be one of the best moves to make.
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