Could Working From a Virtual Office Reduce the Number of Sick Days Your Employees Take?

Posted on 03/01/2018

At first glance, having a physical office space can seem like a pretty great thing: having employees in one shared space, chatting at the water cooler, and sharing ideas at a round-table discussion. Oftentimes, the costs related to hiring and retaining skilled workers can outweigh the benefits those workers are bringing to the company. Read ahead to find out how having a virtual office can actually reduce, or even eliminate, employee sick days. Could Working From a Virtual Office Reduce the Number of Sick Days Your Employees Take?

One Virtual Employee Can Take the Place of Several Traditional Staff Members

It's commonplace to walk into an office setting and to see two receptionists at a front desk. Regardless of how full their workloads end up being, both people are being paid for their time at the office, both are enrolled in benefits packages, and both will inevitably require time off work for "sick days." A traditional employee can be a large expense to a company, whether the employee is productive while at work or is at home with the sniffles. With a virtual staff member, the business only needs to pay on the occasions when the business actually needs particular services. For example, a virtual receptionist won't be paid for an entire 8-hour shift when they may only be needed for 10 phone calls throughout the day. With this concept becoming better understood by a larger number of business owners, virtual offices are being known more and more to be a financially efficient way to do business.

Virtual Office Staff Members are Less Costly than Traditional Employees

A small business (and even big companies) can save money by having virtual staff working for on their behalf. Salaries, hourly wages, sick payments, leaves of absence, and work parties are all examples of how having traditional employees can be a costly endeavor. This isn't even taking into consideration the expenses that a business incurs because of the need for maintaining healthy work environments, building fees, and office equipment for workers.

With a Virtual Office, There's Always Someone Working

Never be left understaffed again! Often it's difficult to determine the number of employees needed at any given time, especially when a business is brand new. With a virtual office, staffing is a no-brainer. Staff is on-hand when needed, and that's that. Can it be any simpler? Additionally, if a receptionist at a virtual office is having a sick day, customers and clients won't know because there is always another virtual receptionist available to competently answer the call. Therefore, telephone calls don't go unanswered and businesses are able to maintain their professional appearances. A virtual office can fulfill many gaps in an organization, staffing being one of them. Because one virtual employee can essentially take the place of multiple traditional staff members, the business can come out ahead financially. A virtual office can be way less costly compared to accommodating several full-time employees, and because there is always someone working at a virtual office, there is no need for a business to hire and retain highly paid employees who may end up taking a lot of sick time. With a virtual office, businesses can pay for services they actually require, and not pay into something that won't benefit them, such as employee sick time.
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