Why Running Your Business From a Virtual Office Could Help You Crack the Market in Seoul

Posted on 27/02/2018

Virtual offices have become the most cost-effective way to internationalize a growing business. Expanding into a new country can be a daunting task, but entering emergent and modern economies like that of Seoul, South Korea (the Republic of Korea) is much simpler than it may seem. Seoul encompasses a massive metropolitan area and a bustling business sector. Well-known international corporations such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Kia are headquartered there. Below are the most important reasons why a virtual office could help you grow your business in Seoul.

Korean Business Culture Requires Adjustment

Business in Korea is known for its hierarchical organization. Age, experience, and social status will often be the determining factors of superiority. Authority within a business rests almost entirely at the senior management level, so respect for supervisors cannot be overstated. Concepts such as punctuality and negotiation are also perceived differently; generally, they are taken more seriously. It's important to understand the role of socialization in the Korean business world. Put briefly, one's business life and personal life can be expected to converge at some point, and distinguishing between the two isn't always a clear process. Establishing a virtual office with the help of experienced Korean assistants is essential. This way, the gap between dissimilar business cultures can be easily bridged.

Virtual Offices Offer the Right Services to Stay Competitive

Efficient business communication is a top priority when expanding into another country. Virtual offices offer personal assistants, remote reception, and answering services in the Korean language. This ensures that non-English-speaking clients still feel comfortable. Business owners can maintain an approachable, professional profile with a registered address in a high-demand location. They can even take advantage of mail collection or forwarding services. One specific location to be considered is the 21/F Seoul Finance Center, located near city hall. In the premier business district of Jung-gu, this virtual office location offers modern conferencing and meeting room facilities. It's located near luxurious hotels, renowned retail districts, and three separate subway lines. A second location is the Gangnam Finance Center in the Yeoksam-dong district. On the third highest floor of the largest building in Korea, one can make use of various sizes of offices, meeting rooms, and conference facilities. There's also high-speed network connectivity and a range of telecommunication options.

An Emerging Korean Economy Demands an Efficient Business Model

Keeping costs low when entering a new market mitigates financial risk. Leasing office space and purchasing equipment is expensive. Cutting down on these overhead costs by getting a virtual office eliminates such risk. A virtual office helps support a streamlined business model. The chances for success and revenue improve substantially. Acquiring a virtual office is easier now than ever before. When attempting to expand a business to the Korean hub of Seoul, respect the fact that differences in business culture exist. Taking advantage of translated communication services will ensure a welcoming, competitive appearance. Virtual offices provide the opportunity to establish a competitive business abroad with minimized risk. For more information on virtual offices, visit us today at YourCityOffice.com. Alternatively, check out our list of serviced office spaces in Korea at www.yourcityoffice.com/worldwide-office-space/serviced-office-Korea,-Republic-of.html.
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