What Can a Registered Address Do for Your Business?

Posted on 04/11/2018

Having a registered office address can only help your business grow, especially if you own a small or start-up business. Even if you currently work from home, having a registered address will aid your business by making it look more established and than it really is. This will leave a positive lasting impression on new clients. If you're considering a virtual office with City Office, read on for three reasons why a registered address will help your business.

What Can a Registered Address Do for Your Business?

Present Your Business as Established and Prestigious

One of the advantages a registered address can have for your business is that it can present your company as well established and prestigious. City Office has a variety of office locations all over the world. You can choose your registered address to be in the business district of New YorkLondon or Singapore, or you can decide to be situated in a trendy part of San Francisco or Sydney. Having a registered address in a prestigious location can convince clients to do business with you, as it is far more professional than seeing your home address on your website. Additionally, having a registered address provides you with the opportunity to expand into other cities and even other countries without having to worry about rent or utilities.

Never Miss a Package Delivery

If you work from home and put your home address on all your marketing material and on your website, then all of your mail will come to your home address. Not only is this an issue of privacy, but it is also an inconvenience; you are unable to separate your professional life from your personal life. With a registered address, your mail will be collected on your behalf, and either held for collection or forwarded to you. Packages will also be signed for on your behalf. Unlike Working from home, with a registered address someone will always be available to pick up your mail or sign for a package. This provides you with stress-free time to work on your business, and it also ensures you receive all the mail you're expecting in a timely manner.

Always Have a Sophisticated Meeting Area Available

Without a registered address, chances are you are meeting clients in a local coffee shop. While this might be convenient for you, it will not leave the same lasting impression that a sophisticated meeting room in an impressive building will. When you register for a virtual office location with City Office you have access to the meeting rooms in the building you select. In addition to large meeting rooms, a registered office provides you with access to high-speed Internet, a trained receptionist to escort your clients through the building and video conferencing capabilities. This meeting space is far more sophisticated than a local coffee shop and is sure to leave a favorable impression. A registered address will only help your business and aid its growth. In addition to convenient mailing services and sophisticated meeting areas, you have the freedom to select your location. Your choice of location will make your business look both prestigious and well established, making connections with clients easy.
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