The Mobile Revolution: Three Ways That Small Business Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Mobile

Posted on 27/07/2018

As the so-called "mobile revolution" has swept the world of technology, many small business entrepreneurs have been left behind, relying too heavily on outdated methods of marketing and advertising. That means that if you're a small business entrepreneur who's looking to capitalize on mobile technology, you'll quickly set yourself ahead of your competition if you play your cards right. If you're running your business from a virtual office, you should already have a good understanding of the importance and benefits of mobile technology. Here are three ways to leverage this growing market to benefit your small business.

Apps and Mobile Web Sites

When smartphones were first introduced, businesses everywhere rushed to adapt their web sites to this new mobile environment. Since then, use of mobile web sites has continued to grow, but in the past few years a new trend has emerged: mobile apps. Since 2011, use of mobile websites has started to plateau, while app use has grown. Today, app use far surpasses mobile web site use. That means that if you really want to leverage mobile technology, you'll need to create not just a great mobile web site, but a great mobile app as well. Creating an app can be as simple as packaging elements of your existing website into an easy-to-use app, or it can mean creating a whole new mobile program that keeps users connected with your business in some other innovative fashion. Not only are apps more popular than web sites these days, they're also better for making money. You can charge a download fee for your app, or you can use it to sell ad space to other companies.

Mobile Ad Space

One of the biggest digital benefits that many small business owners are missing out on today is digital ad space. While many still rely on print, television, and radio advertisements, forward-thinking entrepreneurs are capitalizing on this emerging digital market. Mobile ads are great for small businesses because they are targeted, come with a high rate of return, are easy to track and analyze, and can be purchased for as little as $100. This means that mobile advertising is easy to invest in, and also comes with less risk than older forms of advertisement.

"Mobile-ize" Your Social Media Presence

You've probably heard a thousand times by now that a strong social media presence is a key for any successful small business, but have you thought about how your social media presence leverages mobile technology? In other words, are you using mobile-friendly social media, or do you still expect people to be connecting with you through desktop computers? The reality is that most social media traffic today is mobile, so users are looking for content that is tailored to the mobile world. This usually means shorter posts coupled with lots of photos and videos. And don't miss out on the marketing power of mobile-specific platforms like Instagram and Vine. Reaching out on these platforms could really help you to increase your customer base. The reason many small businesses have stayed away from mobile technology is that they simply don't have the kind of capital needed to pursue innovation that major corporations have. But with new forms of mobile technology like mobile ad space, you can actually gain more rewards from a smaller investment. That's why there has never been a better time for small businesses to invest in mobile marketing.
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