Suitcase Snapshot: 5 Must Have Life Savers for the Constant Business Traveller

Posted on 11/03/2018

Business travellers require a long list of items to guarantee smooth travels, but what are some of the top gadgets and travel survival tools on the market? Business travel can be stressful, as you are always organizing your workload while flying, checking your to-do list, and preparing for the next meeting. However, travelling on business doesn't have to be an absolute nightmare. Some of these top life saving gadgets might save you from ultimate boredom at times, too.

A Light and Portable Net Book

A net book can be a life saver when you are travelling on business. They are very light and do not weigh down your bags; they are always convenient and you can use them at 36,000 feet. You can slip it into your suitcase, purse, or carry-on luggage with ease and move through airport security at a faster rate.

Charge Your Devices and Gadgets

A portable charging device can be a business traveller's most prized possession when it comes to travelling overseas for business meetings and conferences. A portable charging device can save you from losing your work or not being able to access your work when you need it most. Imagine that you are preparing for an urgent business meeting in the airport when suddenly the battery of your phone, laptop, net book, or other important gadget dies. Buy a portable charger that supports a variety of handheld devices and that has a strong level of battery power and "power up" whenever you need to!

Purchase an International Phone Plan

Whether you are in sales and use your phone to call overseas throughout the day or you want to keep in touch with your dear loved ones while away, make sure you have an international phone that allows you to call anywhere in the world. You should also make sure your plan allows others to reach you when they need you. Staying connected is very important when flying around the world for business.

Invest in a GPS

A GPS (Global Positioning Satellite System) is an amazing tool if you have to rent cars and are on the go throughout your travels. If you have to drive to meeting after meeting and visit with clients throughout a specific city that you are unfamiliar with, a GPS is the key to survival. GPS devices are also fantastic when you are trying to find a restaurant, attraction, or a specific type of store in a city that you are not familiar with. Buy an international GPS system and save yourself time and money every time you travel.

An Electronic Translator Can Be Your Best Friend

When you are travelling on business and visiting countries where people speak different languages, it is always a good idea to have some sort of language tool available at all times. While phrase books can help, they are more designed for tourists. A business traveller is much better off with a translating device that will help them with meeting and greeting clients overseas. If you are a business traveller or company that is seeking office space abroad or virtual office services, please get in touch with us. For more information about our virtual offices, visit us today at and we'll assist you with all of your business needs.
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