Six Tricks for Finding New Sales Avenues in Our Troubled Economy

Posted on 07/07/2018

Times are tough, but that doesn't mean that sales leads have all dried up. Sometimes in order to bring in a whole new customer base, your business just needs to try out something new. So, in the spirit of creativity and fresh ideas, here are six tricks you can use to find new sales avenues, even in troubled economic times.

Make a Video

Studies have shown that online shoppers are far more likely to buy a product when they can see a video demo of it. Even if your product is something like a book, a short video teaser can really help to generate online interest. And, if your video is funny or interesting enough in its own right, then the potential for online sharing is huge.

Get Involved On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than just a Facebook for business professionals. These days, smart salespeople are using LinkedIn as a way to reach out to others and generate product interest. The key is not to be too pushy, but rather to build real relationships with people by offering advice and helpful hints to those who ask. Some LinkedIn boards will also allow you to freely post sales pitches at certain times. Play by the rules and you could end up making some profitable new contacts.

Look To a New Region

This is a pretty basic concept, but many salespeople get stuck in a certain region of the world when trying to find new leads. The world is large, so think big. What region have you not tapped into yet that could be profitable for your business? Nothing is too exotic or too far away if you see real sales potential.

Look To a New Demographic

Again, a new demographic may seem like an obvious avenue, but many businesses can get stuck selling to one particular demographic. Don't allow your sales numbers to determine your selling potential. Perhaps the reason you haven't been making any sales to 18 to 35 year-olds is that you haven't tried to sell anything to them yet. Look to a new demographic that has potential, and adjust your strategy as needed.

Find a New Advertising Medium

Think your advertising mediums are tapped out? Maybe you're just not looking hard enough. These days, advertising comes in more forms than just billboards. Have you tried YouTube ads? How about eBook publishing? Or even sponsoring a local event or sports team? Any new advertising stream is a new sales potential.

Get Involved In Not-For-Profit Ventures

Sometimes in order to bring in more revenue you have to give something back to the public. Reaching out to the not-for-profit world can be a big boost for your business. Volunteering with a board of directors is a great way to meet new contacts, and donating to charitable causes is also a great way to boost your business' public profile.

Try Out a New Social Media Platform

Social media is more than just Facebook and Twitter. Have you tried out Pinterest yet? How about Vine? Many businesses have also had success setting up blogs on Tumblr. Keep a keen eye to the latest and greatest social media innovations, and try out a new prospecting avenue. With all of these methods, it's important to make sure you know how to play the game before you identify yourself as an outsider, or as someone desperately looking to make a sale. New avenues require time and patience but if you learn how to use them properly, you can turn them into major revenue sources.
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