Six Online Businesses You Can Start from a Virtual Office in 2018

Posted on 11/12/2018

The New Year is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about your next move. Have you been thinking about starting a business of your own? Why not opt for the route of an online business, where you can take advantage of lower start-up costs and lower risk, and run your business from a virtual office? If you’re looking to finally gain the freedom and autonomy you've been craving, consider one of the following lucrative online businesses for 2018.

Are You a Marketing-Savvy Product Person? Start an E-Commerce Store

If you have a passion for selling and a knack for online marketing, an e-commerce store may be the best business for you to start in the New Year. Considering the different components to start an e-commerce store, like warehousing items in your garage, hand-packaging them, and shipping them from your own home (if need be), this entrepreneurial route can be very rewarding and successful. As the fast pace of life continues to hasten, consumers appreciate the convenience of shopping online. Given that there is certainly no shortage of online shoppers, you’re bound to find a niche for your products.

Can’t Put Down Your Phone? Try Mobile App Development

Are you a technical coder with a knack for solving problems or improving upon already existing ideas? Starting a mobile app development company might just be the business for you. You may end up building apps for other businesses – whether they be targeted at consumers or intended for business use – or just building fun and useful apps for consumers. Given the immense variety in app types and that you can design for either Apple or Android, this realm offers a great amount of variety – meaning you can exercise your creativity and follow your whims.

Know How to Pin It, Tweet It and Share It? Establish a Social Media Marketing Business

Every business needs an online presence through their social media, and yet very few want to manage these outlets themselves. If you have a knack for tweeting, you may want to consider social media marketing as a business. Being skilled with social media is a valuable asset, and one that many businesses will pay for. Consider adding blogging into the mix of your social media marketing business to offer the most possible value to your clients.

Share Your Wisdom Through Online Webinars, Coaching, or Training

Are you an expert in a specialized field? Do you find that people want to listen to you, and often come to you for advice? Do you have a name that is known to the general public or to those of a particular field? If so, you may want to consider starting a website where you can share coaching and training videos, and run online webinars. The online coaching business is growing every day, and if you have a highly specialized skill or intricate knowledge, you can make a comfortable living by teaching others in online webinars.

For the Entrepreneurial Programmer: Website Design and Development

Are you a web developer with skills in graphic design? If you already do this kind of work, there isn't any reason why you can't do it through a virtual office on a remote basis. Take your web design business online, find sources through which you can find clients - even if that means making a few cold calls - and kick up your feet on the beach while you do your work.

Play a Support Role as a Virtual Office Assistance

It’s important to remember that the very method by which you can run an online business - through a virtual office - may create a viable business idea in itself. Work from home as a Virtual Office Assistant and have your tasks come to you through the Internet. Virtual Assistance can come in the form of online marketing, web design, accounting and customer service. More people than ever before are starting businesses, and given the new technologies available, it’s always becoming easier to run a business solely online. With virtual offices becoming more popular, and with the growth of online business expected to rise considerably in 2018, why not put on your entrepreneurial cap and start your own online business this coming year? The rewards you reap could amount to far more than just profit.
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